Rabbit Hole Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

After the premiere of season 1 on Paramount+, Rabbit Hole immediately gained a global fan base. The espionage thriller aired in March 2023 and centers on corporate investigator Kiefer Sunderland.

John Requa and Glenn Ficarra’s Rabbit Hole is an American political thriller series set in New York City. Kiefer Sutherland acknowledged in an interview that he had been in the following films: Three Days of the Condor, The Manchurian Candidate, Marathon Man, and The Parallax View. Here, we check in to see whether Season 2 of the program has been officially confirmed.

Rabbit Hole Season 2 Renewal Status

Although Peter Kiefer Sutherland has shown interest in returning to Rabbit Hole, he told TV Insider recently that he does not know whether the show would be renewed for a second season.

While this may not be encouraging, it is typical for streaming services to function differently than traditional television networks. The number of hours spent on guard duty is calculated to see whether the cost is reasonable.

Currently, Paramount+ has not officially declared if there will be season 2 of the Kiefer Sutherland-led series Rabbit Hole. The show’s creators, John Requa and Glenn Ficarra had high hopes that the show’s seasoned ensemble would win over viewers after airing only two episodes on March 26, 2023.

The Night Agent, a series with the same premise, has, nevertheless, been dominating the streaming charts ever since its premiere a few days earlier. It is uncertain if Rabbit Hole will be renewed for a second season due to the high production costs and subsequent budget cuts being implemented by streaming networks.

Rabbit Hole Season 2 Release Date

Since the first season of Rabbit Hole has not yet been made available to the public, there is currently no set premiere date for the second season. Nonetheless, the first episode of Season 1 is slated to air on March 26, 2023. The producers may wait till they see how well the first season did in the ratings before announcing the second. As a result, audiences will need to be patient while they await the renewal decision.

Rabbit Hole Story

The protagonist of the espionage thriller series Rabbit Hole is John Weir, a former CIA man who now leads a low-key existence in his hometown. When he is wrongfully accused of murder, however, his tranquil life is destroyed, and he must fight to vindicate his identity.

John finds that his old coworkers at the CIA are complicit in the conspiracy against him as he rushes against time to figure out the truth behind the scheme. He meets a mystery lady called Hailey who may be able to help him clean his record and they decide to work together to do it.

John, as the inquiry progresses, learns of a network of deceit and corruption that extends well beyond the murder he was falsely accused of committing. He needs to face his prior trauma as a CIA officer while navigating risky scenarios including chases and lethal confrontations.

As John and Hailey work together to uncover the conspiracy that has placed John’s life in peril, the story of Rabbit Hole takes several unexpected turns. The stakes become higher and the mystery gets deeper with each new episode. You’ll be on the edge of your seat throughout this exciting drama thanks to the nonstop action and unexpected turns of events.

Rabbit Hole Cast

  • Kiefer Sutherland as John Weir
  • Meta Golding as Hailey Winton
  • Rob Yang as Edward Homm
  • Walt Klink as The Intern/Kyle
  • Enid Graham as FBI Special Agent Josephine “Jo” Madi
  • Charles Dance as Dr. Ben Wilson
  • Jason Butler Harner as Miles Valence
  • Jed Rees as Manfred Larter’
  • Peter Weller and Lance Henriksen as Crowley
  • Mark Winnick as Young Crowley
  • Ishan Davé as Hafiz
  • Wendy Makkena as Debra
  • Maia Jae Bastidas as Eliza Wells

Rabbit Hole Season 2 Plot

The second season’s narrative has not advanced recently. We will update you as soon as any fresh information is released by the board of directors. So, stay tuned, and in the meantime, you can read a recap of Season 1 here.

Where to watch Rabbit Hole?

Paramount+ subscribers can watch all eight episodes of Rabbit Hole right now.

Rabbit Hole Season 1 Rating

On IMDb, the film has a 7.7/10 rating based on over 2,500 user reviews, while on Metacritic, it has a score of 66 based on the opinions of 16 critics. Audiences have mostly approved as well, giving the film a 77% rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

Rabbit Hole Review

The mystery is well-developed over all eight episodes, and you’ll be left wondering what will happen next. There is a wide variety of deceptive plot devices, including false leads, shocking turns, and phony resolutions.

Even though the series as a whole is interesting and has some great concepts, the storyline becomes more illogical and unbelievable after episode 4. The viewer may get swept away by the story as it unfolds in each episode and fail to see these problems, but with further inspection, they become obvious and seem very careless.

There’s a wide variety of personalities among the characters. There are some great performances and memorable characters, but several of the supporting actors aren’t really good and don’t make an impression. While Kiefer Sutherland, Charles Dance, and Rob Yang readily stand out, the Intern and Jo Madi stand out as stereotypical characters.

When you look at the series as a whole and analyze the events that led up to the finale, it’s not that exciting to read. I really want to like this series, but it’s not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. Still, it’s surely exciting to see how deep this rabbit hole goes, and that’ll be enough to watch this till the conclusion.

Rabbit Hole Age Rating

The TV-MA rating indicates that Rabbit Hole is intended for an adult audience and may not be appropriate for those under the age of 17. Any or all of the following may be included in this program: strong language, sexual content, or graphic violence.


Thus, although it is not yet official, a new season announcement is likely to be made soon. The WGA strikes, which have temporarily halted production, may have a significant impact on the precise date.

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