Queen of the South Season 6: Did The Show Get Renewed?

Is Season 6 of Queen of the South going to happen? Arturo Pérez-book Reverte’s was turned into a TV show, and the Telemundo soap opera “La Reina del Sur” was changed even more. Both shows were in their fifth season. If you haven’t heard of Queen of the South, it’s a show about a girl named Teresa Mendoza whose life turns upside down after the death of her boyfriend at the hands of drug cartels. After that, she runs a huge drug trafficking ring as its leader.

Alice Braga played Teresa Mendoza, and the show got a lot of fans after Netflix made it available all over the world. Also, the writing of the script is great, and the filmography is great. The show was made by M.A. Fortin and Joshua John Miller, and the famous Giorgio Moroder wrote the music for its theme. Let’s start looking at this series here at Otakukart without further ado.

Queen of the South Season 6 Renewal Status

In 2016, the show began airing. There are a total of 62 episodes. All but the fifth season had 13 episodes. In 2019, there will be 10 new episodes of the fifth season. Due to the pandemic, production stopped in the year 2020. The first show was on April 7, 2021. Then, it was said that the show would end and that the fifth season would be the last one. The last episode of the series came out on June 9, 2021.

The tv series revolved around how Mendoza, who is from Mexico, falls in love with a member of a drug cartel and tries to make her poor life better by getting him to help her. But then she hears that her boyfriend has been killed, and she has to run away. She goes across the border into the U.S. She then teams up with someone she knew in a previous life to try to kill the rival drug cartel boss who is after her. She starts her own cartel and finally makes enough money to get out of poverty. But that brings about new problems.

Queen of the South Cast

  • Alice Braga as Teresa Mendoza
  • Peter Gadiot as James Valdez
  • Veronica Falcón as Doa Camila Vargas
  • Hemky Madera as Pote Galvez
  • Joaquim de Almeida as Don Epifanio Vargas
  • Justina Machado as Brenda Parra
  • Molly Burnett as Kelly Anne Van Awken
  • Gerardo Taracena as Cesar “Batman” Guemes
  • Jon-Michael Ecker as Raymundo “Güero” Dávila
  • Nick Sagar as DEA agent Alonzo Loya
  • Yancey Arias as Alberto Cortez
  • Alfonso Herrera as Javier Jiménez
  • David Andrews as Judge Cecil Lafayette
  • Joseph T. Campos as Boaz Jiménez
  • Ryan O’Nan as King George
  • Idalia Valles as Isabela Vargas
  • Jamie Hector as Devon Finch
  • Iba Thiam as Bilal
  • Mark Consuelos as Teo Aljarafe
  • Bret Cullen as Cole Van Awken
  • Martha Higareda as Castel Fioto
  • Joe Renteria as Reynaldo Fioto
  • John Pyper Ferguson as Agent Finnerman

Queen of the South Season 6 Storyline

The series shows how well a poor Mexican woman named Teresa Mendoza builds a drug empire after the drug-dealing group Vargas Cartel kills her boyfriend. She flew to America, and Camilla Vargas saved her life because her husband, Epifarnio Vargas, was looking for her because her boyfriend had stolen a book of operations. Because she was good at math, James assisted her to become a drug runner. She gave Camilla the book and asked her to help them. From here on out, she will be in a new world, making deals and partnerships while Epifarnio Vargas is also after her.

In the next chapter, there would be more exciting crimes and suspense. The story would have continued from where season 5 stopped.

Why Queen of the South Season 6 Is Canceled?

When Season 5 started airing in March 2021, USA said that it would be their final season. Before the show was taken off the air, it was the most-watched show on the USA and the most-watched original drama on the network.

So, why did they cancel? Because the network has stopped making its own dramas. Queen of the South, The Sinner, and Dirty John were the last original dramas on the channel when they premiered their final episodes. As of November 2021, neither The Sinner nor Dirty John has been picked up for a third season. The first season of USA’s original show Chucky premiered in late 2021 (with Syfy), but the network hasn’t announced a second season yet. This means that the network no longer has any original dramas.

If Netflix wants to, they could bring back Queen of the South. That hasn’t happened with any of their popular US shows like Dare Me. Since the series finale premiered in the USA over a year ago, there hasn’t been any news about Netflix’s revival of The Walking Dead.

The show’s co-executive producer, Dailyn Rodriguez, talked to Deadline about the chance to finish the project. She told me: “When the series ended, I felt a huge amount of peace and a huge amount of beauty. I think this show can be very dark, violent, and sad on many levels, and the pilot is a very sad place to start because of what happens to Teresa. There’s so much poetry and beauty in ending the series in this sunny, beautiful location, which is unlike anything we’ve seen on the show before… I find that ending to be very, very emotionally satisfying, and I’m hoping the audience feels the same way.”

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