Puebla, Atlas and Chivas: the clubs that have changed the most in the last 15 years

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A graph showing the teams that renewed their coach the most tournament after tournament (Photo: DataFactory)
A graph showing the teams that renewed their coach the most tournament after tournament (Photo: DataFactory)

If something characterizes mexican football is the irregularity, partly because long-term projects are less and less common in clubs. Proof of this is the lack of continuity of technical directors in teams, generally linked to bad results or affected by best deals from institutions with a larger budget.

And it is that unlike the European leagues, where the seasons last about a year, in the Liga MX the tournaments are short (two a year: Opening and Closing), which conditions much more coaches not to fall for bad streaks and therefore, it is common to see new strategists in the middle of the tournament.

However, some clubs are characterized by changing helmsman frequently, even twice per tournament, or up to three, if interim charges are counted.

That is why Data Factory, a company that produces sports data, published this Wednesday the history of how Mexican coaching teams have changed in the last 15 years (2005-2020). It is worth mentioning that in this analysis internships were not considered, as well as the statistics of the Atlético San Luis and FC Juárez clubs, since they were founded in 2013 and 2015 respectively.

In this sense, Puebla FC is the institution with the most faces on its technical bench, with 26; that is to say, one coach every 1.15 seasons. Then followed by the Guadalajara clubs, the Atlas and Chivas with 23 each, which would represent one change every 1.3 tournaments. In third place are the Necaxa rays, from Aguascalientes, with 21 and an average of 1.4.

If we collate said data with the descent table, we can observe the correlation between poor performance of teams with constant layoffs. Well, both Atlas and Chivas rank last and third to last respectively in the quotient table; while Puebla is a little further away, on step 14 of 18.

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On the other hand, the directives that have given greater continuity to the projects of the technicians in that same period of time are that of the royal clubs, Tigres de UANL and Rayados de Monterrey, with nine each; in other words, a layoff every nine seasons.

The best examples are the Brazilian Ricardo “Tuca” Ferreti and the mexican Victor Manuel Vucetich. The first has directed the Tigers to last 10 years, where he has won five Liga MX championships. While the "Vuce" remained for five years (2009-2013), winning two leagues.

Atlas and Puebla are two of the teams with the most layoffs of technicians in the last 15 years (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Atlas and Puebla are two of the teams with the most layoffs of technicians in the last 15 years (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Then there is the Toluca FC with 11 coaches and an average of 2.7, being the Paraguayan José Saturdino Cardozo the strategist who lasted the longest in that period (2013-2016).

Regarding their positions in the relegation table, Tigres is at the top of Mexican soccer, Rayados in fifth place and Toluca in seventh.

The pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19) that plagues Mexico forced Liga MX to be cancelled on date ten, that's why only the departure of a technical director was recorded, that of the Argentine Leandro Cufré with Atlas, just on day three. Although his successor, Rafael Puente Jr. stayed on the tightrope.


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