PS5: Has Sony lowered the price to respond to Microsoft’s aggressive strategy?

Microsoft’s strategy for the next generation has been positively received by players: the Redmond house will offer Xbox Series S, a console without disc player and less powerful, for 299 euros, while Xbox Series X, the flagship of the family , will be sold for 499 euros. Now it’s up to Sony to show its cards …

While we wait for the Japanese giant to announce it release date and price of PlayStation 5, the web is full of speculations, clues and reports from more or less reliable sources. The latest from our colleagues at GameReactor UK, who seem to be pretty sure about the information that has reached their ears.

According to some of their acquaintances, Sony’s initial idea was to place PS5 at a price “considerably” higher than Xbox Series X (499 euros), but Microsoft’s aggressive strategy would have induced it to correct the shot and ad lower it. Currently, therefore, the plans of the Japanese company should include a price of 499 euro per PlayStation 5 e 399 euro per PlayStation 5 All-Digital Edition, an indiscretion that reinforces our hypothesis of the 100 euro difference between the two models.

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Will it really be so? Impossible to say for sure, even if the rumored prices seem plausible. We just have to wait for the official announcement, which according to many could be around the corner … Meanwhile, Amazon Japan has suggested November 20 as a possible release date for PS5 …


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