Pretty Hard Cases Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

In 2021, the CBC premiered Pretty Hard Cases, a Canadian criminal comedy series. Two female Toronto police officers are forced to collaborate on an investigation in the show created by Tassie Cameron and Sherry White.

Both women are members of the police force, although they hail from separate units. Two of the investigators, Kelly Duff (Adrienne C. Moore) and Samantha Wazowski (Meredith MacNeill), are on the case.

With its unique blend of comedy and tension and its inclusion of two strong, multi-faceted female characters, the show has garnered praise for its fresh take on the crime genre.

Renewals for both the second and third seasons followed the first one’s positive reception from critics and audiences. Viewers are waiting with bated breath for confirmation of a fourth season after hearing reports of a potential cancellation.

Regardless, the program has become a beloved staple on Canadian television and continues to attract a large following. Rest assured, we have provided all the information you want on Pretty Hard Cases season 4 if you are interested in watching the show and would like to learn more about it.

Pretty Hard Cases Season 4 Release Date

The second season of the drama-filled series has not yet dropped in its entirety, so although it would be great to have a firm release date, it is too soon to be optimistic. Season one debuted on January 5th, while season two began on April 13th, 2022. In 2023, the third season debuted on January 4th.

Unfortunately, CBC has decided to terminate the critically praised program “Pretty Hard Cases” before it has even completed its fourth season. Fans will have to say goodbye to the popular program despite its favorable response and rising viewership, even though the third season will tie up the tale.

Pretty Hard Cases Story

Two police officers in their early forties are the protagonists of the show: the bookish and regimented weapons and gangs investigator Sam and the street-smart narcotics detective Kelly. While they may be at odds with one another in their personal lives, they are both driven and successful in their careers. Despite their insanity for one another, they complement each other’s skills and talents and find a way to collaborate.

Pretty Hard Cases Cast

  • Meredith MacNeill as Det. Sam Wazowski
  • Adrienne C. Moore as Det. Kelly Duff
  • Amanda Brugel as Det. Karina Duff
  • Karen Robinson as Unit Commander Edwina Shanks
  • Tara Strong as Tiggy Sullivan
  • Dean McDermott as Det. Barry Hamm
  • Al Mukadam as Det. Taai Nazeer
  • Percy Hynes White as Elliot Wazowski
  • Katie Douglas as Jackie Sullivan
  • Ronnie Rowe as Rick Gray
  • Kim Coates as Bill Misiano
  • Tricia Black as Det. Tara Swallows
  • Miguel Rivas as Det. Dustin Chase
  • Daren A. Herbert as DS Nathan Greene
  • Laura de Carteret as Marley Briggs
  • Ben Bass as DS Brad Michaels
  • Charlotte Sullivan as Adeline French

Pretty Hard Cases Season 4 Plot

While exploring Sam and Kelly’s love lives and their relationship, Pretty Hard Cases delves deeply into both in its first two seasons. Even though Sam and Kelly started Season 3 on different assignments, they both ended up happy in Pretty Hard Cases. Kelly and Nathan overcame many obstacles in their love to finally be together, and in the series finale, they even tied the knot.

The episode implies that Sam is content with the concept that she would have more time to decide between Steve and Naz, even if she has not yet made a decision. After Nathan chose to remain with Naz at the end of Season 3, Sam and Kelly went on a well-deserved vacation to Saint Vincent, Virgin Islands.

One of the criminals from Season 2, Adeline French, is believed to be hiding out in Saint Vincent, so Kelly decides to travel there as well. The new journey the team embarks on in Saint Vincent, while continuing to pursue Adeline, might take center stage in Season 4, should it materialize. Season 4 might focus on Sam’s search for love because Kelly has already found happiness.

Pretty Hard Cases Season 4 Trailer

Season 4 of Pretty Hard Cases will not be available any time soon since CBC has decided to cancel the show. Because of this, we do not yet have any plans to issue a promo for season four.

Pretty Hard Cases Season 3 Rating

“Pretty Hard Cases” has received mostly positive reviews from reviewers and viewers alike. According to Rotten Tomatoes, 81% of critics and viewers gave the show a positive review, while IMDb gave it 6.7 out of 10.

Where to watch Pretty Hard Cases?

Canadian audiences may enjoy Pretty Hard Cases via streaming on CBC and CBC Gem. Accessing CBC Gem from outside the country is possible via a virtual private network (VPN). Another way for people to enjoy the program is that it is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

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