When Will One Punch Man Season 2 be Releasing on Netflix?

Netflix’s One of the Most Popular Anime Franchise “One-Punch Man” is Going To Return With its Second Season Soon on Netflix.

Well, When One thought of the series “One-Punch Man”, He did not thought in his wildest dreams that this series would become one of the most viewed Anime Series on Netflix. The series was launched as an Online Manga in 2007.

one punch man season 2
one punch man season 2

Fans are really excited about the next part of the series. “One-Punch Man” release its first episode on October 4, 2015. It has grown with the outrageous supports of the fans and followers all over the world.

One Punch Man Season 2

Every “One-Punch Man” Lover is eagerly waiting for the season 2. They just have one question in their Mind that is When will season 2 releasing on Netflix.

Everyone will be happy to hear that One-Punch Man will be releasing soon on Netflix. The Long Wait after Season 1 premiere is going to be over in the near future.

When is “One-Punch Man” Season 2 Releasing?

Well, To be exactly sure Viz Media reveals that “One-Punch Man” Season 2 is releasing on April 9, 2019. Season 2 is available on Hulu. From the Facts, We all know that When “One-Punch Man” first release in 2015, It almost takes 2 years to release its English-dub version on Netflix.

For all Japanese Viewers, The Series is available on Crunchyroll. But for the UK and UN viewers, The series is not yet available on Netflix.

Viz Media owns every right of the Popular Anime Series “One-Punch Man”. So it depends on them whether they will provide the permission to Netflix for Season 2.

Although After Season 1 premiered on Netflix, The Popularity of the Series has known no Boundaries. So if we take into account the Current Popularity of the series, Season 2 will surely be releasing soon on Netflix. As Netflix has Tons of Viewers, It is necessary for Viz Media to provide the right to Netflix for Season 2.

Fans did not have to wait for English-dub Version of Season 2. From our Intel, We know that Season 2 will be going to release in Mid 2020. Until you can enjoy Season 1 Streaming on Netflix.

What is “One-Punch Man” About?

As a “One-Punch Man” Fan, You might know that One has portrayed a different perspective of a Superhero Story. A Superhero with Common Problems like Lack of Money that we all have.

It is a Story of Saitama, A Superhero form Metropolis of City Z. He performed Heroic acts in front of audiences for Fun. He trained himself to have the Strongest Punch on the Planet, With which he can Defeat anyone.

The Series is Amazing and you should watch it. “One-Punch Man” is Now Streaming on Netflix. Watch It Now!!

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