“Pokemon” Voice Artist Kumiko Okae’s Death Due To Deadly Coronavirus!!

Currently, the entire world is suffering from the deadly and terrific Coronavirus that happens to spread so quickly. This dangerous virus imposes a real threat to the lives of each and every person living on this planet. Due to the Coronavirus, many people are now resting in the arms of death. There are several legendary personalities and artists that we did lose this year to the Coronavirus pandemic. Now, a new name of the amazing and great voice artist happens to be the addition in the list of deaths due to the Coronavirus.

Kumiko Okae, who was the voice artist in the popular Japanese animated television series, “Pokemon”. Kumiko was behind the voice of “Officer Jenny’ in the animation series. It is surely a huge loss for not only the “Pokemon” series franchise but also the viewers and fans of the amazing and inspiring series “Pokemon”.

Kumiko Okae Passed Away Due To COVID-19

Kumiko Okae was a Japanese voice artist who was indeed a great artist that fans and followers will look up to. Recently, she lost the struggle against the deadly Coronavirus and died at the age of 63. Due to the deadly infection of COVID-19, the voice artist was under the examination at the Tokyo Hospital. Tokyo Hospital was the last place she went as she dies struggling for her life there.

The health of Kumiko Okae was already bad and it is growing up to be the worst with the pneumonia complexities. The management stall recently did confirm that Kumiko Okae, the famous voice artist is no more. The cause of her death was none other than the dangerous Coronavirus. It was indeed a great loss in the world of the cinematic universe as well as the animation productions.

Fans are currently showing their grief for the voice artist that passed away at an age of 63 while having an untimely tragic death. Everyone is hoping the Coronavirus pandemic to soon come to an end.

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