Pokémon Masters makes a bang: record takings for mobile gaming

According to data from Sensor Tower, Pokémon Masters EX earned more than 75 million dollars in app purchases during its first year of life, taking it to second place in terms of turnover among pocket creature mobile games: Pokémon GO remains unbeaten at the top.

Pokémon Masters is the Pokémon-themed mobile game that comes closest to the gameplay of the main titles of the saga, an element that certainly helped to intercept the historical fans of the franchise“he explains Randy Nelson of Sensor Tower, and continues: “our research has shown that the Team RPG are having a spike in popularity never before seen on mobile platforms, so Pokémon Masters was launched in a very favorable period“.

According to Nelson, The Pokémon Company will continue to invest in the mobile gaming market: “We expect you to continue to hold i in high regard mobile market trend which lead to the highest level of engagement and spending among users, just like with Pokémon Masters and the team RPG genre “. Discussing the future, he continues: “IS unlikely we’ll see a traditional Pokémon game on smartphones, as it would be very difficult to monetize […]“.

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While waiting for new updates for the mobile title dedicated to Poket Monsters, players can continue to try to find the best units of Pokémon Masters.


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