Pokémon: Explorations, the new episodes surprise with the true fate of Sobble

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Ash's team took shape episode after episode in Pokémon: Explorations. Accompanied by Pikachu alone, as with every generational change, the coach of the eternal ten years launched into a series of catches during this new anime. And it has long been rumored that Sobble would join Ash's team during these episodes.

After always being approached the protagonist of Pokémon: Explorations, the anime has decided to change course from all the leaks and advances popped up on the net in the past months, causing the surprise of the fans. Pokémon Episode 29: Explorations aired a few days in fact confirmed the capture of Sobble ma not by Ash Ketchum.

The video at the bottom of Anipoke Central shows how things really went. The Sobble that was causing problems for the duo of Pokémon protagonists: Explorations hides in a fountain and the two kids approach the water jets. Failing to see pokémon, a Go irritated throws the pokéball haphazardly in the fountain and, luckily, it impacts Sobble, capturing it.

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In the final scene you see Go amazed that it really went well. Therefore the water starter joins the Go team and not Ash's.

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