ONE PIECE: Oden’s flashback is about to end, the fate of a hero in the next episodes

The flashback on the story of Kozuki Oden is thrilling thousands of viewers around the world, enthusiastic about the role of the character whose fate is closely related to that of the great Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. The next episodes of the anime looked exciting and full of twists.

Only a few days ago, in fact, finally even the ONE PIECE anime has reached that point in history where the origins behind the island of Laugh Tale, also known by the name of Raftel. The story of Oden, in fact, has brought together all the greatest personalities of Eiichiro Oda’s masterpiece, from Whitebeard to Roger, lending readers a brief portion of their adventures.

In addition, the titles of the next episodes of the anime have been leaked online for a few hours, heralding the imminent end of the flashback. The titles in question, therefore, follow here:

  • Episode 970: “Sad News, Dawn of the Great Pirate Age! “;
  • Episode 971: “Assault! Oden and the Nine Red Sheaths “;
  • Episode 972: “Countdown! Oden versus Kaido“;
  • Episode 973: “Punishment in a Boiling Pot, Oden’s Hour of Death”;

Well, therefore, the next episodes vary from great moments of epicness, such as the beginning of the great era of pirates and the highly anticipated clash between Oden and Kaido, to the dramatic component with the departure of Kuri’s daimyo that will close the exploits of an iconic pirate. And what are your expectations for the next episodes? Let us know with a comment below.

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