Pokémon Explorations: The adventure at Galar finally begins

Pokémon Exploration is about to arrive with a new arc, and fans can’t wait to embark on this new adventure. In a few weeks the new anime will begin to tell the story we played in the Nintendo Switch chapters of Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield.

It’s time for Ash to find out the dark secret behind the Galar region, and the new trailer is here to give fans a preview of this highly anticipated arc. Fans knew that the series set in the Sword and Shield region would be arriving from early September, when the new poster was released.

In the new trailer released, Ash is about to fight against President Rose and his mysterious organization that wants to awaken the legendary Pokémon at all costs Eternatus.

The trailer starts with Ash and Goh walking around Galar. The two coaches meet some characters that we have already seen in the Sword and Shield games, such as Laburno, Sonia e Dandel. It appears that Ash is about to take on the dragon-type gym leader when suddenly Rose enters the scene.

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Rose is the one who wants to awaken Eternatus to bring the Galar region back to its origins, and he is not alone, but has a loyal band of henchmen at his side to accompany him. Ash and Goh will discover the truth about Rose at all costs, and we fans know that Ash will not give up until he is able to stop him.

We leave you the trailer at the end of the news, so you can write us what you think!

When will we see this arch in Italy? We don’t know yet, but Japanese fans will see on television the beginning of this arc, called “Darkest Days“starting Friday, October 9, before Netflix will also bring the episodes to non-Japanese audiences.

Waiting for the release of the brand new series, we offer you Zacian and Zamazenta enter the scene in the new trailer for Pokémon Explorations. In addition, we advise you not to miss the analysis of the new trailer for Pokémon Explorations!


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