Pocket books and popular literature: we discover the comic ‘Pulp’, which recovers this fascinating literary universe (Paper Labyrinth 2×02)

A whole world of popular genres in very cheap editions that sold thousands of copies, although they did not appear on the sales lists of “serious” literature. The pockets were our particular pulp literature, the mythical American magazines printed on pulp paper where popular culture myths such as the cosmic horror of Lovecraft, Conan or the policeman were born hard-boiled rougher.

In Spain we had our own myths from popular literature, such as the Coyote, and authors such as Marcial Lafuente Estefanía, specialized in western novels, plagued the newsstands. In the seventies and eighties, its authors they hid behind pseudonyms such as Clark Carrados, Donald Curtis, Joseph Berna or Curtis Garland. Or Frank Caudett, pseudonym of Francesc Caudett and co-star of ‘Pulp – Los tiempo heroicos’, a comic about the time and that sensational industry, written and drawn by Jordi Pastor.

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For this second program of the second season of ‘Laberinto de Papel’, the fantastic literature podcast from Xataka that we do in collaboration with Minotauro, we have brought our own Jordi Pastor so you can tell us about the whole process of creating your ‘Pulp’. And also for what Tell us first-hand how you met Caudett and how that friendship relationship took shape in the story told in the comic.

‘Pulp’ stars a crime bestselling author of international fame, but with roots in Spain. Documenting for an essay you want to write about literature pulp introduces himself into the world of the Spanish pocketbook at the hands of Caudett, who tells you as a privileged witness how those “heroic times” of genres and successes were almost anonymous.

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