Pirates of The Caribbean Reboot!! Know All The Details!!

“Pirates of the Caribbean” may not need to have an introduction as the movie series is the most popular worldwide. There are millions of fans that are waiting for any and every update on the movie series franchise. Unfortunately, there have been no updates from the movie creators for a long time now. As the fantasy film series is so popular, every movie part became a hugely successful hit before the release of the movie. But there is something interesting you want to know about the rumors of Karen Gillan, “Jumanji” Movie actress to appear in the next sequel of POTC.

Do Directors Want To Have A Female Lead In “Pirates of the Caribbean” Reboot?

It will be shocking to know if the franchise movie series “Pirates of the Caribbean” will have women lead. Although there is nothing wrong with women leading the gang of pirates as most women characters are sprinkling their charms. Hollywood did witness so many examples of women actors to make the movie a huge success. If we look at the Marvel movies then you can bet that no man can have the kind of perfection when women are leading the team.

However, Daniel Richtman did inform that the House of Mouse is probably deciding to change the lead character, Jack Sparrow. The leading character of the movie series “Pirates of the Caribbean”, Jack to be replaced with a female lead character. It is possible that the “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie actress, Karen Gillan (Nebula) will appear as a female lead. But still, there is no official announcement that confirms the news of replacing Johnny Depp with Karen Gillan.

There are a total of 5 thrilling and exciting movies that every movie lover must watch. The “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie series is among one of the most popular series to have such wide popularity globally. If you did not watch the previous movie parts of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series then you should watch it now.

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