Oshi No Ko Chapter 134 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Oshi No Ko Chapter 134 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

A new manga series called Oshi No Ko explores strange ideas in the mystery and occult genres. Shueisha released its Oshi No Ko manga for the first time in 2020.

The English-language Oshi No Ko manga is now available for readers worldwide. Aka Akasaka is the creator of the manga series Oshi No Ko.

The manga’s exquisite visuals are the work of Mengo Yokoyari. Oshi No Ko is published in America by Yen Press. A TV show centered around Oshi No Ko debuted in April of 2023.

Yaguchi Akihito’s manga phenomenon, Oshi No Ko, has amassed a massive global fan base. The anime, which revolves about Subaru, a young child who aspires to be an adored idol, has found an audience among viewers all over the world.

The plot takes an exciting turn in Chapter 122, offering an intense emotional roller coaster.

When Subaru finds out that her father—a well-known manga artist—based a popular series upon her own upbringing, her entire world crumbles.

Subaru will face difficult obstacles along the way as she pursues her goals in the competitive entertainment world, putting her fortitude and tenacity to the test.

There’s a tangible sense of excitement among readers for this next chapter, as they anticipate the exciting turns and twists that will keep them riveted.

This awesome manga series called “Oshi No Ko” debuted in April 2020 and continues to be capturing everyone’s interest ever since.

Watching this incredible story unfold on film is going to be an unforgettable experience. People are becoming very excited about it, so make sure to put it on your calendars because it will be a major deal!

Fans of Ashi No Ko have been eagerly, if not patiently, awaiting the news since the book’s upcoming release.

If you appreciate a little mystery, reincarnation, romance, and comedy in addition to a little drama, this romantic-comedy manga is for you.

There will be new seasons of other popular anime in alongside Demon Slayer. This season, Kaguya Sama’s film “A Kiss That Never Ends” has been aired.

There will also be an animated version of the well-known webcomic “Why Raelina Ended Up on the Duke’s Mansion,” which is about a romantic drama.

As they anxiously await the manga’s live-action version, fans of Oshi no Ko are going crazy over the anime adaptation.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 134 Release Date

Oshi No. Chapter 133 had already been released on December 6, a few days ago. Oshi No Ko chapter 134 has already caused the fans to grow restless.

We are here to inform the fans that Oshi No Ko chapter 134 will be available shortly, so they don’t need to be impatient any more.

Oshi No Ko chapter 134 will be out on December 6. The Japanese Standard Time for the release of Oshi No Ko Chapter 134 is 12 a.m.

The release date of this manga will vary depending on the time zone of the individual nation. Chapter 132 will be released in English one day from now.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 134 Trailer

Oshi No Ko Chapter 134 Plot

According to chapter 133 of Oshi no Ko, the narrative is beginning to focus more on Ruby Hoshino’s struggles to portray her late mother, Ai, as accurately as possible in her performance.

Ruby is pressured to match her mother’s skill set from the outset of the movie by being continuously compared to Ai. To make her more like Ai, director Taishi Gotanda further altered her performance.

Nino’s candid admission of how she lacks Ai’s extraordinary talent and expertise has also probably saddened Ruby, since nobody thinks she could portray Ai convincingly.

The manga series Oshi No Ko is still ongoing. So, until the very end of this engaging manga, we are in the dark about what transpires.

The otherworldly and the actual world are dramatically combined in the Oshi No Ko manga. Gorou, a gynecological physician, has been tasked with giving birth to Ai’s children. In the Korean film industry, Ai is a well-known idol.

Gorou is an admirer of AI as well. But fate has other plans when Gorou is killed by another Ai devotee. AI is this fan’s obsession. Gorou soon reincarnates as Aqua, one of Ai’s twins.

Aqua, however, possesses a unique ability not shared by others. Aqua recalls every detail of his previous existence. Ruby, Aqua’s twin sister, loved Ai in a past life as well.

Ruby aspires to be an idol, while Aqua will stop at nothing to keep Ai safe. These three main characters face numerous obstacles in their daily lives.

Thus, in addition to the element of rebirth that is supernatural, there is also the representation of the entertainment business.

The spectator is able to witness the negative aspects of the Korean entertainment industry through the characters of Ai and Ruby. Ruby and Ai demonstrate how challenging life can be in this field.

Oshi no Ko is actually rather dark and evil behind the surface of beautiful animation and the notion of the dazzling entertainment industry. This anime is aimed at its target audience and falls into the drama or supernatural genres.

Considering its intended viewership, the anime is probably going to tackle adult subjects. Hoshi no Ko’s first season will have a total of 11 episodes.

Ai Hoshino, a rising star and a part of the girl group B-Komachi, is the main character of Oshi no Ko. With her beautiful smile and kind manner, Ai has won over the hearts of her followers, making her the most beloved member of the group.

Ai is just hiding behind closed doors, wearing a false grin. Ai conceals the name of the father from her manager and the CEO from her talent agency when she becomes pregnant with twins.

On the day of the delivery, Gorou is murdered and attacked by a jealous fan; when he wakes up, he is Ai’s baby son. Ai gives the twins the names Aqua an Ruby in order to keep their existence a secret from the outside world.

Ruby, who was resurrected as Ai’s child, shared Aqua’s admiration for Ai. They both gradually come to understand the darkness that surrounds everyone in the entertainment industry.

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