Ordinary Joe Season 2: Will There Be Another Season?

Joe Kimbreau, the protagonist of the drama series Ordinary Joe, is about to graduate from Syracuse University and face a pivotal choice that will affect the rest of his life. Ten years after he graduates, the program follows him in three different timelines. One has him following in his father’s footsteps by becoming a police officer; another has him becoming a music superstar; and still, another has him becoming a nurse and marrying his college love.

The show’s central theme is that the decisions one makes at any one time have far-reaching consequences, and that ultimately, that is what life is all about. Premiering on September 20, 2021, this 20th Television and Universal Television production are set to run for a full season. Garrett Lerner and Russel Friend are responsible for the show’s development and executive production. The show’s loyal audience is concerned that it might not come back for a second season.

Ordinary Joe Season 2 Renewal Status

In January 2022, the first season of Ordinary Joe came to a close. The show’s cancellation for a second season was announced by NBC on March 4.

Since the drama consistently ranked among the network’s lowest performers, the decision came as no great shock. The program has a below-average 6.8/10 score on IMDB and a 50% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. As a result, breaking the news to the audience that Ordinary Joe has been axed must be devastating. Since the program did poorly on the network, it is quite unlikely that it will be brought back. In the future, though, if the program gets picked up by another network, its revival is possible.

Ordinary Joe Season 1 Cast


  • James Wolk as Joe Kimbreau
  • Natalie Martinez as Amy Kindelán
  • Elizabeth Lail as Jenny Banks
  • Charlie Barnett as Eric Payne


  • David Warshofsky as Frank Kimbreau
  • Anne Ramsay as Gwen Kimbreau
  • Adam Rodriguez as Bobby Diaz
  • John Gluck as Joe and Jenny’s son with muscular dystrophy
  • Joe Carroll as Ray
  • Gabrielle Byndloss as Mallory
  • Jason Burkey as Darren
  • Jack Coleman as Dr. Douglas Banks,
  • Christine Adams as Regina Diaz

Ordinary Joe Season 2 Plot

Joe, a musician who almost died at the conclusion of the first season, receives a visit from Jenny, and it is then that he understands just how broken he really is. A slew of admissions followed, and eventually, Joe checked himself into treatment, only to leave in the final episode to knock on Jenny’s door and tell her he wanted to move in with her.

After Amy announced her plans to go to Miami, Joe, a police officer, proposed. In Atlanta, Jenny was taken by surprise when her husband, Nurse Joe, asked her to rekindle their vows. What he didn’t know was that Barrett had given her a very attractive offer to remain with him and start a business. Each Joe’s fate was ultimately predetermined. Season 2 of Ordinary Joe might have delved more into Joe’s ambivalence and the choices that would ultimately shape his life’s trajectory. Unfortunately, it can’t happen now that Season 2 of Ordinary Joe has been canceled.

How did Ordinary Joe end?

To cap off the episode, Nurse Joe kissed Kinsley. He felt terrible about it and told her so. He and Chris hit the road to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Jenny in Atlanta. Chris had doubts about the journey at first, but he was relieved when they stopped by a rocket launch. Jenny’s closing argument was so effective that her company gave her a partnership after she won the case. While Joe was asking Jenny to rekindle their vows, Eric and Amy were welcoming their adopted kid. Jenny, though, admitted that she was seeing someone else.

Officer Joe has met Amy’s family. Her father questioned his decision to join the police department, given the existence of corrupt officers. Joe intended to advocate for his uncle’s readmission on his behalf. Joe advised the board that his alcoholic uncle not return to work until he has conquered his addiction. After Joe’s uncle finished rehabilitation, the board decided to allow him to return to work. Mallory and Eric’s kid was born at a pizza parlor. When Amy and her family decided to relocate to Miami, she let Joe know the news at the hospital. Joe, however, proposed marriage and requested Amy to remain.

Joe, the musician, also experienced a nightmare in which his father was killed in a car crash. After experiencing flashbacks to his prior existence, he was rushed to the clinic for treatment. Even when Joe’s family attempted to assist him, he continued to reject it. Jenny recommended her attorney acquaintance to Joe, who was worried about being used as an example because of his famous status. As his uncle Frank showed him the damaged Porsche, he got his mugshot after being discharged from the hospital. After witnessing Amy’s unsuccessful primary election campaign, Jo checked out of treatment. Season 1 of Ordinary Joe concluded with Jow detailing his failures in life as he stood at Jenny’s door.

Why was Ordinary Joe canceled?

Since NBC decided to pull the plug on the drama series after just one season, there will be no more “what if…” moments with Joe. A 0.5 demo rating and 3.3 million viewers in total were typical for the episode. It was the worst-rated and lowest-rated drama among NBC’s top ten offerings this season. Viewers worried about the program’s future based on these figures began voicing their concerns as early as September, with some tweeting that they believed NBC had already canceled the show due to the declining ratings.

Where can I watch Ordinary Joe?

You can catch up on Ordinary Joe Season 1 on Hulu and NBC.

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