One Piece, smentiti i rumor sui casting per il live-action Netflix?

Also this time the rumors about possible casting related to live-action di ONE PIECE produced by Netflix would not seem to correspond to the truth, at least according to the denial by one of the actors.

Ever since plans for a Netflix live-action One Piece series were announced, fans of the opera couldn’t help but imagine which actors might have filled the roles of Mugiwara and others. characters born from the fantasy of Eiichirō Oda.

On the other hand, the web did not hold back from proposing its fancasts for ONE PIECE, and it didn’t take long for the first ones to start circulating rumor about potential actors vying for the series (Did anyone say Cole Sprouse as Sanji? Emily Rudd as Nami?).

Recently, rumors had spread that they wanted a group of actors involved in the project due to an update provided by the magazine Production Weekly which revealed the code name for the series, and at the bottom of which a series of names was indicated under the heading “cast”.

However, one of the actors named in the report, Alex Lange, categorically denied being part of the series, even if, he adds, he would certainly like the opposite: “To all the One Piece fans who are asking me: as far as I know, the leak on the cast is not real at all! But don’t get me wrong, I’d probably be as perfect as Sanji“.

At this point, it shouldn’t be long before we know something about the cast of the live-action ONE PIECE from official sources, but in the meantime, keep bringing us your ideal cast for the Netflix series in the comments.

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