ONE PIECE: a young Whitebeard shows himself in this spectacular statue

The great and appreciated epic of ONE PIECE over the years it has managed to conquer the hearts and minds of a simply immense audience, millions and millions of readers and spectators who have remained entwined with the unforgettable events that have witnessed Straw Hat and its crew of pirates.

The great success achieved by the production has obviously led to the creation of innumerable parallel works, including films, video games, spin-offs and much more, all to enrich a constantly expanding franchise that today can count on a fan base always ready to pay homage to it. . Among the many, there are also many companies that have created themed gadgets designed to enthrall the public, companies that very often point above all to the niche of the most passionate collectors.

Well, this time it was the guys from Jack Private who conquered the spotlight, all thanks to a splendid ONE PIECE themed statue and specifically dedicated to Whitebeard. As you can see from the images at the bottom of the news, the work is characterized by an incredible amount of detail and he sees a young Whitebeard intent on launching a violent attack. The work, as stated, is available in two versions, in scale 1: 6 and 1: 4, sold respectively at 620 and 890 euros, with the release currently set for a generic 2021.

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Before saying goodbye, we also remind you that the first spoilers related to chapter 982 of ONE PIECE have recently arrived.


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