ONE PIECE 986: the manga reveals the fate of the traitor

Betrayal has always been present in ONE PIECE, in some sagas more than usual. Even in Wanokuni we had to face some of them, with a flood of double players in all rows. Among these there is one on which the fans were particularly attentive, or the papabile traitor among the ranks of samurai in the service of Momonosuke Kozuki.

The betrayal of Kanjuro it has happened by several chapters and ONE PIECE has therefore separated the fate of Kurozumi and the other samurai loyal to Oden and his son. Just the artist was the protagonist of a battle in ONE PIECE 985 where he was forced to face his old companions. In fact, Kiku and the other Foderi Rossi found the road blocked while trying to access Kaido's palace and were forced to fight with Kanjuro and his group of warriors.

ONE PIECE 986 showed us the outcome of this battle, which was also attended by Kin'emon and Denjiro, the last two to arrive on the site. Kanjuro lies on the ground, apparently dead. The allied boys of the protagonists seem to be all unharmed, therefore they won the battle without losses. Now they have all headed for Kaido who must pay for all the harm he has done to their land.

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