ONE PIECE 984: the final samurai mission begins

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The samurai decided to invade Onigashima but, due to the conformation of the island and the large numbers at play in both sides, it was necessary to use more tactics. If Luffy threw himself headlong into the fray as usual, making himself recognized by everyone, the same does not apply to other prominent elements of ONE PIECE.

Kaido is preparing an announcement where Big Mom and Yamato will be the most important elements. The emperor does not know that on another front, however, the daughter is preparing to betray her with Luffy: the duo is in a secret area of ​​Onigashima where they are talking. In ONE PIECE 984 the scenario is not only for these characters, as the turn of Law and the remaining Nine Red Sheaths has also arrived.

From the submarine, Law prepares together with Kin'emon, Kiku, Raizou, Kawamatsu and Inuarashi to land on the island. Once the currents are over, the former member of the fleet of seven uses his famous Ope Ope fruit to bring everyone to the mainland. The invasion of the samurai has officially begun now that they are all on the ground, while the main forces have concentrated in the square where they have mixed well with the pirates of Kaido. Now that they have arrived, together with Marco and Izo, how will the ONE PIECE scenario change?

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