ONE PIECE 1010: who will reign over the oceans? a new confrontation breaks out

With the chapter 1010 of ONE PIECE, the battle between the Pirates is about to reach another level. All the protagonists are working hard to destroy the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts and Big Mom is seriously risking his life. Let’s find out what happens in the legendary work of Eiichiro Oda!

Entitled “Ambition of the Conqueror King”, a reference to the most powerful and rare Haki, in the chapter Zoro tries to tear apart Prometheus, who intended to rush in aid of Big Mom. To deal with the swordsman, however, Kaido intervenes, who orders Prometheus to go and save the Empress. However, Law carries Zoro away and suddenly appears before Kaido.

With the eruption of the fight between Kaido and Law, which he uses a new technique to defend themselves, Prometheus and Napoleon take the opportunity to get away and reach Big Mom, who is saved just in time.

The scene then shifts to Kid and Killer, who realize that something strange is happening in Onigashima. Meanwhile, Zoro decides to do away with one last attack. Drawing his sword and using the Ashura, Zoro manages to inflict a deep wound on Kaido, whose blood splatters everywhere. The exhausted swordsman falls to the ground and Law stands in his defense, who is thrown away together with his partner by Raimei Hakke.

Behind Kaido, however, Luffy wakes up, who manages to throw an impressive volley of punches at the enemy. Thus begins the real clash between Luffy and Kaido, a battle that will decide who will reign over the oceans. ONE PIECE.

Here is all the beauty of the major route in this nostalgic ONE PIECE video. It is a record for the manga of Oda, in Italy there are 18 million copies of ONE PIECE in circulation.

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