Oddworld Soulstorm will support 3D Audio on PS5, here’s the new gameplay

Oddworld Soulstorm showed himself again on the digital stage of the PlayStation 5 Showcase, in a trailer where we were able to take a look at sequences of unpublished gameplay. The video, which you can view at the opening of the news, also shows a small opening of the game’s narrative plot.

Oddworld Soulstorm will make use ofaudio 3D of PlayStation 5, to get players in the middle of the action, while using the controller DualSense it will be possible feel Abe’s heartbeat when he tries to save his comrades from enemy fire. If the protagonist is in difficulty, the commands will resist, to simulate the fatigue of the character.

According to what we read on the PlayStation website, Abe he will have to resort to all possible resources to transform himself from a simple slave to a charismatic revolutionary leader: he can pickpocket and raid at will, so as to be able to create the tools and weapons useful to defend himself and his comrades during the adventure.

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The dark atmospheres of the title, already shown in the previous trailers, are also increasingly evident, and Abe’s adventure in search of freedom seems to become more dangerous than ever, but always with a touch of humor, as per traction for the saga. Unfortunately the development studio has not yet revealed the release date of the video game, while waiting to learn more we recommend our tried Oddworld Soulstorm by Francesco Fossetti.


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