Oculus and Facebook account: Violations can lead to blocking access to the headset

During the month of August, it was officially confirmed that a Facebook account will be required to access the Oculus viewers, with the owners of the VR equipment having to register on the social network.

The announcement was met with mixed reactions from the gaming audience, with grievances from those who do not own or do not wish to create a account Facebook. To further clarify the nature of the connection that will be created between the Oculus universe and the social network, the editorial staff of Road to VR contacted the tech giant, whose statements revealed some very important details.

Among the latter, there is the possible loss of access to Oculus content for violations of Facebook’s terms of service. “If you log in with a Facebook account or connect your Oculus and Facebook accounts and commit violations of rules contained in Facebook Community Standards, the Conduct VR Policy or others terms of service of any of our platforms, – said a Facebook spokesperson – there may be consequences in terms of accessing or using Oculus products. If the account is completely disabled as a result of this violation it is also possible to lose access to yours [giochi e contenuti]. We are determined to keep all of our platforms safer“.

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Among the behaviors not accepted by Facebook include, we remind you, the use of fake names o di wrong dates of birth. Questioned by Road to VR, the company replied that only the most serious violations will be punished with a permanent ban, but “minor” violations could still result temporary suspensions, with loss of access to Oculus for up to 30 days. On the subject, however, Facebook promises more information during the month of October.

In closing, we remind you that the public is waiting to have confirmation regarding the technical specifications of the rumored Oculus Quest 2, recently leaked on the net with a leak.


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