Nobody’s Looking Season 2: Did The Show Get Renewed For Another Season?

Nobody’s Looking is returning for a second season after a successful debut. The first season was both hilarious and suspenseful. There are fans everywhere who can’t wait for it to come out. Countless households around the globe now regularly tune in to the show on their televisions. Many of the show’s characters are lovable and endearing. Since its masterfully conceived first season, the show’s narrative has not suffered. The show has received a stellar rating of 7.7/10 on IMDB.

Uli, who has recently become a guardian angel, is the protagonist of the episode. The show is a fantasy drama, but it also has a lot of humor. The plot is fantastic, and the leading actors all deliver stunning performances. This has led to the show’s success, and it’s well worth waiting for Season 2 of Nobody’s Looking. Gullane is the show’s creator. Portuguese is the original language. The show depicts the difficulties of angels, humans, and countless others who participate in life’s mechanisms. The show provides a glimpse into the future of Earth, and it’s greatly improved by numerous comedic interludes.

Nobody’s Looking Season 2 Renewal Status

On November 22, 2019, Netflix began streaming all eight episodes of the Brazilian drama’s first season. When it comes to the show’s upcoming second season, though, not much is known at this time. There has been no official word from Netflix or the show’s producers in almost two years. There have been rumors that Netflix has decided to pull the plug on the series. Thus, given what we know, it’s quite improbable that Nobody’s Perfect will return for a second season.

Nobody’s Looking Recap

We’ve already established that this is a fantastical comedy. Uli, an Angelus newbie, is the protagonist of the show. He was the first new angel to be admitted to the Angelus System in over three hundred years. He broke the restrictions set by the Angelus System, but nobody realized this because he was so inquisitive about everything. As the story progresses, he breaks the third rule again in an attempt to undo the damage he’s already done by breaking the first two.

In order for him to look into Sandro and the Good Samaritan Miriam. Uli also concluded that Miriam and Richard did not make a nice relationship and set out to find new partners for each of them. On the contrary hand, Greta learned that eating may make you happy.

Uli, an angel sent to Earth, was there to guard humanity and grant some of its requests. Uli realized he did not belong in the hierarchical so-called “Angelus System” and instead made the courageous decision to aid humanity on his own. And Greta was going to take the initiative and have the first go at it. Also, Chun developed an affection for a woman he helped, and Uli used costume parties to assist the two of them have sexual encounters.

As a result, Nobody’s Looking is a show about how the Uli alleviated human suffering by making themselves invisible. You’ll see Uli and Miriam together in the series finale, conducting a crucial search. Sandro, on the other hand, made an effort with the expectation that one day he might be able to help Greta.

Nobody’s Looking Season Cast


  • Victor Lamoglia as Ulisses Angelus
  • Kéfera Buchmann as Miriam Lopes Teixeira
  • Júlia Rabello as Greta Angelus
  • Augusto Madeira as Fred Angelus
  • Danilo de Moura as Chun Angelus
  • Leandro Ramos as Sandro Serra
  • Telma de Souza as Wanda Angelus


  • Projota as Richard A. de Souza
  • Sergio Pardal as Valdir “The Prophet” Soares
  • Felipe Riquelme as Tobias Angelus
  • Kevin Vechiatto as Querubim Angelus
  • Eliana Gutmann as Cilene
  • Fafá Rennó as Tânia
  • Felipe de Carolis as Marcos Veloso

Nobody’s Looking Season 2 Plot

Uli, the youngest resident of the 5511th District, was introduced to viewers in the pilot episode of Nobody’s Looking. Inspector Fred keeps a close eye on everything the team does. This fictitious metropolis is up to date, with a corporate structure and a dress code for its employees. Uli decides to learn as much as can about the Angelus System. His defiance caused him to run into a number of problems.

Along the journey, Uli uncovered a number of shocking discoveries about humanity, the earth, and the meaning of life. As the season goes on, we witness how the show humorously and creatively dissects a wide range of complex topics. The norm-breaking Uli made up his mind to help the human race on his own accord. Miriam, a veterinarian named Sandro, and a man named Richard are among the people he ends up helping.

The second season of Nobody’s Looking will pick up where the first left off, with Uli’s story continuing from where it left off. In the second season, there will be even more thrilling adventures for viewers to enjoy. In addition, the season will undoubtedly feature more of the show’s signature filthy comedy.

Nobody’s Looking Season 2 Release Date

All eight episodes of the first season were released on the same day, November 22, 2019. They range in length from 19 to 30 minutes. We’ve already established that the series didn’t fare well with critics or viewers. Unfortunately, after only one season, Netflix made the choice to cancel the show.

A second season of Nobody’s Looking is not happening any time soon, if ever. Netflix’s cancellation of the show leaves the tale a little unsatisfying, given the previous season ended on a number of cliffhangers. If a new season does happen to be made, it will likely be picked up by another streaming service.

Where can I watch Nobody’s Looking Season?

When Season 2 of Nobody’s Looking is added to Netflix, subscribers will have instant access. Listen in for further developments.

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