Night Swim: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything You Need to Know

After seeing Jaws, we decided we didn’t want to swim. Does Night Swim plan to provide a similar feature for pools? The horror flick Night Swim’s status as one of the year’s early releases is about to be revealed.

Rod Blackhurst and Bryce McGuire’s critically praised 2014 short film served as the inspiration for Night Swim. The narrative will be adapted into a feature film by McGuire in collaboration with horror production duo James Wan and Jason Blum, known for their 2023 smash hit M3GAN. The official trailer, cast list, and release date for Night Swim are all available for your perusal.

Night Swim Release Date

The forthcoming Bryce McGuire horror flick Night Swim has a release date that Universal Pictures has announced. The new release date for Night Swim is Friday, January 5, 2024. The horror film will now be available two weeks earlier than its initial January 19, 2024, release date.

Night Swim Plot

It is still unknown how faithfully Night Swim will adhere to the original short film’s concept; however, with Bryce McGuire at the helm, it is probable that the show will borrow from and expand upon the short’s themes.

Night Swim is a short film about a young lady (Megalyn Echikunwoke) who, while waiting for her boyfriend to get home from work, chooses to swim in her in-ground pool in the backyard. To unwind after a long day, she turns on some soothing music and does her laps.

As she swims, her eyes drift to the poolside, where she sees a towering, enigmatic figure. She gets to her feet, expecting to see her partner, but no one is there. In her confusion, she decides to dive back beneath the water and see whether her eyes were deceiving her or if it was all a deception.

Subsequently, she notices the same enigmatic figure about to plunge into the pool. She swiftly comes to the surface once again and swims to the pool’s edge to collect herself, where she observes the person approaching her at a leisurely pace.

The pool lights go out as she swims backwards, away from the shadow, and something unseen drags her under the water. As soon as the lights go back on, the pool seems empty, spotless, and sparkling clear. If you want to get a better feel for the plot of the feature film, you may see the original three-minute short film that creator Rod Blackhurst published.

Night Swim Cast

  • Wyatt Russell as Ray Waller
  • Kerry Condon as Eve Waller
  • Amélie Hoeferle as Izzy Waller
  • Gavin Warren as Elliot Waller
  • Nancy Lenehan
  • Jodi Long
  • Rahnuma Panthaky
  • Eddie Martinez
  • Elijah J. Roberts

Night Swim Director

Bryce McGuire is stepping away from his directorial role in the original short film to direct the feature-length Night Swim picture on his own. McGuire has mostly directed short films, although he has also helmed indie horror features like Unfollowed (2018).

Night Swim Trailer

The terrifying aquatic monster that terrorizes a private pool is finally seen in the latest Night Swim promo. This forthcoming horror film is produced by James Wan and Jason Blum.

It follows a family as they move into a new property and deal with the ghostly phenomenon that haunts their pool. Wyatt Russell of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Kerry Condon of The Banshees of Inisherin, Amélie Hoeferle of Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes, and Gavin Warren of Fear the Walking Dead are all part of the Night Swim cast.

While attempting to maintain a healthy social life and stave off terrifying encounters with the evil power hiding in the pool, Ray, Eve, Izzy, and Elliot—the Waller family—find themselves in their new home in the trailer.

Where to watch Night Swim?

From January 19, 2024, the film’s original release date was pushed ahead to January 5, 2024. The picture will have the unique distinction of being the year’s first movie released theatrically and will have an exclusive run in theaters.

After the film’s theatrical run concludes, it will be streamable on Peacock, the same platform that offered previous horror films from Universal like M3GAN and Renfield after their theatrical runs ended.

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