New iPad Pros will arrive this month with reduced initial stock, according to Bloomberg

The new iPad Pro are coming. Initially we were thinking of a presentation event during the month of March, but everything seems to indicate that its arrival will be, in the end, this month of April. Bloomberg reported yesterday that the new iPad Pro (2021) will arrive this month, although initial stock may be reduced due to missing components to manufacture mini-LED screens.

Ready for the month of April, although very fair

The Bloomberg article focuses on the low availability of components to make mini-LED displays, which, according to rumors, They will mount the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Some iPads that would arrive in the second half of April, although recently one of the manufacturers has even had to pause production due to the lack of components.

Apple still intends to announce the iPad Pros in two sizes as early as this month, other people familiar with its product roadmap said. The mini-LED display, which will improve contrast ratios and offer a brighter image, will be exclusive to the more expensive 12.9-inch model. The production mishap could mean the larger iPad Pro will ship later and be available in limited quantities to begin with, the people said.

The truth is that the change in screen technology will be a big step forward for the iPad, although it will not be the only one. Along with the mini-LED screen we hope to see processors, surely A14X, at speeds and performance comparable to the M1 of the Mac with Apple silicon. Along with improvements in the cameras, the USB-C port would also be renewed with greater speed and greater compatibility with accessories and monitors.

So we can use comments in Pages, Numbers and Keynoted documents from our Mac

The truth is that the iPad is quickly making its way to become a replacement for many computers. Thanks to the power of its internal processors, these new iPad Pro will get one step closer to their older brothers and all this while waiting for us to see iPadOS 15 at WWDC21, an operating system ready to surprise us all.

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