Netflix’s “Ozark” Season 3: Lead Star “Jason Bateman” Unravels The Exclusive Details

“Ozark” has completed 2 successful seasons with its overgrowing fans and supporters worldwide. Now, It is headed towards the third season that is awaited by every Fan. It is one of the most popular crime drama television series on Netflix.

Jason Bateman
Jason Bateman

Fans across the world are waiting for season 3 to unravel the mysteries that took place in Ozark. After season 2 released on 31 August 2018, Fans are waiting for season 3 for almost a year now.

So Lead Star and Director of “Ozark” Jason Bateman has revealed some exciting news that you would love. The Series is rated 8.3 on IMDB, due to the supportive fans who love the series.

Recently “Ozark” did win 2 Emmys at the Award Festival. As you all know “Ruth Langmore” Aka “Julia Garner” did win an Emmy Award for her brilliant acting in the Series “Ozark”.

After That Award function, Jason Bateman went on to the backstage to give some information about the Series. There he discusses some important stuff, So very major information is now revealed by him.

Jason Bateman Reveals Exclusive Details About Season 3:

As you know the story follows up a family who shifted from their favorite place to not so great place in Ozark. Marty and Wendy Byrde are a couple. They did enter into a dangerous money laundering business.

There Marty met Ruth Langmore. He realizes the talent that ruth have and so he trusts Ruth with his money laundering business. Marty wants to go to Australia to start there a new life, But his wife Wendy does not agree with him. So Marty Made Wendy in charge of her Money Laundering business.

Now the question that arises in every fan’s mind after watching 2nd Season is Will Ruth Langmore Betray Marty Byrde.

“Marty” Aka “Jason Bateman” talked with the media after the award function. He states that The Casino is Up and Running. It offers more Positive and Negative Opportunities. Some of this is Tempting while some are Calming. But Eventually, Everything will Affect The Family.

Here it might mean that Marty has a Casino in his fully operated riverboat. The casino will harm him in some ways. It also will help to earn money. It will also affect Byrde Family in one way or another.

Season 4 will be thrilling and it will surely make you crave more. Season 1-3 is now streaming on Netflix. Watch it Now.

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