Netflix Will Stream First Two Arcs of Anime “One Piece”!!

It is surely an exciting news update for the fans of this amazing Japanese Anime Manga Series “One Piece”. The manga series has been running successfully since it first did release on 22 July 2997. If you are an Anime series fan then you will be happy to know that Netflix did announce for the first two arcs of “One Piece”. Read about it all here.

It has been official that the first two arcs of the popular anime series “One Piece”. Netflix did announce the amazing news to treat all the anime fans by tweeting on Wednesday. The first two arcs, The East Blue and Alabasta Arcs of “One Piece” will be streaming on 12 June 2020 in the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. Along with the announcement, there was a video post in which most of the Anime’s 130 episodes were included. Although the video was of only a minute, it brings up the joy and excitement of all the series fans.

About the series “One Piece”

The series is very well created, written, and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. When you are watching this manga series then you will experience the thrill and excitement flowing through your blood veins. The story is all about a wicket strange personality pirate, who wants to chase his only dream of the legendary treasure named “One Piece”. How the story narration is followed by this aspiring pirate is purely entertaining as well as inspiring. It is among the must-watch anime manga series.

What does it bring on Netflix?

Viewers will surely be amazed and excited to see the young pirate’s journey to become the king of the pirate world. The Straw Hat Pirates was the name of the crew while Luffy, the aspiring pirate was the leader. Along with his crew, Luffy is moving on his journey to explore the grand line in search of the ultimate treasure. While he is searching for the wealth that no pirate has ever discovered before, some confrontation of rival pirates happens.

The series is definitely an interesting watch if you are fans of anime manga series. If you want to watch the first two arcs of “One Piece” then it will be available soon on Netflix.

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