Netflix acquires rights to offer Sony movies like Spider-Man

Netflix Y Sony Pictures have closed an agreement to keep the Spider-Man films that come out (among other releases) on Netflix after leaving theaters, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. Yes, this assumes that a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to Netflix … again

The multi-year contract begins with the 2022 releases. Netflix will have the streaming rights to Sony productions. The number of films that they have promised to offer has not yet been specified, but this (eye) does not mean that Sony can make agreements with some other platforms.

According to some sources in the medium Variety, the agreement represents a historic sum, and will last 5 years. Netflix would pay Sony about a billion dollars over four years, and Sony can ask that they give it all at once since they do not have their own platform for streaming movies.

What does Netflix want to achieve after this disbursement? WSJ says they want future Spider-Man movies to hit Netflix after they leave theaters (we don’t know if this will include the third installment with Tom Holland), along with other Marvel characters Sony still has the rights to, see the Morbius of the always attractive Jared Leto or Venom, by Tom Hardy. Netflix will also be licensed for some older movies, by the way.

Films that have been developed under Sony’s “araguas” also enter into the agreement, such as the Jumanji franchise, we therefore refer to studios such as Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures, Screen Gems and TriStar Pictures. Executives are working on a separate theatrical license, beyond the Netflix deal, according to Variety.

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