Naruto Shippuden: Kurama’s chakra takes over in this collectible statue

Before learning to control the Nine-Tailed Fox chakra, Naruto has repeatedly lost control of himself in the throes of feelings such as anger. The new one is based on one of these spectacular moments Naruto Shippuden collectible statue by XS Studio.

In particular, the figure is based on the first confrontation between the protagonist and Orochimaru. Filled with anger at not being strong enough to prevent his friend Sasuke from leaving the village, and with the Sannin responsible for it in front of his eyes, Naruto lets himself go to the control of the Nine-Tailed Fox, who on that occasion freed four of them. Going even to wound Sakura, the Jinchuriki was stopped only by Captain Yamato, who exploited the formula of omniscience of the First Hokage.

In this particular version, the chakra of the beast envelops its Carrying Force as if it were an exoskeleton. Dark red in color, this physical manifestation of Kurama’s energy allows Naruto to acquire an inhuman strength, capable even of defeating the Sannin. However, this power comes at a cost, the total loss of rationality.

Yet price of 590 euros, the statue of XS Studio represents this moment in an excellent way. As Shippuden’s teenage Naruto prepares to attack the opponent with a Rasengan, Kurama’s monstrous chakra takes over behind him. 52 centimeters high, this magnificent collector’s item presents details of remarkable workmanship, both in the face of the protagonist and in the surrounding setting.

We see the Fifth Hokage take to the field in this Naruto Shippuden figure. To the delight of all fans, the Italian dub of Naruto Shippuden is about to return.

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