Naruto: Kurama’s roar in this almost 200 euro statue

Given the recent dramatic events of Boruto’s chapter 55, Yomei Studio allows us to greet the Nine-Tails in an appropriate way. Here is an unmissable collectible statue of Cercoterio in Naruto!

Due to the effects of the devastating Baryon Mode, Naruto had to give thefarewell to his Kyuubi. This sensational event deprived the fans of a beloved duo, who thanks to the strong bond established during the opera managed to stop any antagonist. Although the Nine-Tailed Fox has abandoned us for good, it roared one last time before it went.

In the 10-inch high collectible figure, the Cercoterio is ready to launch the final attack against his opponents. On all fours, Kurama inspires fear to anyone who stands before him by showing its terrible jaws.

At an overall modest price, 190 euros, the statue boasts a very valuable workmanship. In fact, the fur, the nine tails and the face of the fox are faithfully rendered. Would you like to add this highly prized piece to your collection?

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Nagato and Pain destroy the village of Konoha in another Naruto Shippuden collectible figure; the price this time is much higher, we are talking about 500 euros. Let’s discover Masashi Kishimoto’s infernal routine in Naruto’s time.


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