Nano Machine Chapter 178 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Nano Machine Chapter 178 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

After another insane cliffhanger, the fanbase eagerly awaits Secret Class Chapter 178.

We are aware that our predator, Dae-ho, will eventually strike again. However, it appears that Joo-ri Noona or Mia Noona are assisting him this time.

So-hyun, who is apparently introduced as Ko-bong’s fiancée, is preparing to engage in sexual activity with a group.

The forthcoming chapter will indeed feature Dae-ho, Joo-ri, Mia, or So-hyun in action.

However, at the conclusion of the chapter, So-hyun also encountered them on her journey to the restroom. Her reaction revealed that she was both startled and humiliated.

The battle between the leader within the Ghost Illusion Clan or our Prince has begun, and its conclusion may be revealed in Nano Machine Chapter 90.

He initially visited the Ghost Illusion Clan’s castle to gain their support, but he may have gained more by allying with them.

The second test consisted of hand-to-hand combat among Cheon Yeo Woon and the chief of the Illusion Clan, and the battle has taken a very intriguing turn as Yeo Woon is eventually gaining the upper hand.

According to Yeo Woon’s strategy, the conflict among the top five factions has began. He has left the school and is currently investigating his kingdom in an effort to obtain the support of six additional factions.

Yeo Woon has passed the first exam, but in order to pass the second, he must defeat Huan Yi.

Since he is a clan commander, he is extremely powerful, but the hero of our story has a lot more weapons that can defeat him.

With the assistance of the nanomachines within his body, Yeo Woon was able to pass all six academy examinations in record time.

Even the left-hand Guardian, Lee Hwamyung, swore allegiance to him due to his accomplishments.

Even though he was able to obtain the Dark Sword concealed in the cave for the fifth test, its true potential is still unknown.

He now possesses two formidable swords and sword techniques on par with the Demon Sword as well as Blade God.

Nano Machine Chapter 178 Release Date

The size of Nano Machine’s fanbase demonstrates the anticipation of admirers for the impending chapters.

The most recent chapter will be accessible beginning November 1, 2023, as the official release date has been announced.

Until then, viewers who desire a deeper understanding of the story can revisit the Manhua websites and continue to appreciate Nano Machine.

Nano Machine Chapter 178 Trailer

Nano Machine Chapter 178 Plot

During the battle, Chief explains to himself that the Demon Lord’s sword emits a calm atmosphere and generates a shock wave that takes over the Divine Physicians. The Chief characterizes the impact of the shock wave on the Divine Physicians as overwhelming.

Unexpectedly, Hyung Nim rescues the doctor. In addition, he states that the Demon Lord’s body is enduring Qi blockage.

Returning to the battle, the chief laments his opponent’s equal Qi power and frigid energy’s ineffectiveness.

Even though he has released his ice energy with Qi, he views it as a reminder to himself of his daughter’s rage. It’s one reason why he believes wintertime will never cease.

Absorption of so much yin energy by someone like him would result in a body collision and a Qi blockage.

Outside the restroom, So-hyun admitted that this was the initial time she had witnessed something similar. She began to inquire about their relationship with Dae-ho.

In the meantime, Joo-ri joked with Dae-ho that it was his responsibility for gazing at the restroom.

Again, Dae-ho seized Joo-ri and informed her that he couldn’t help himself because she was so attractive.

The scene then returns to the room, which So-hyun reveals that she dislikes Ko-bong and that he has no experience dazzling anyone.

The scene then shifts to reveal that Dae-ho could not sleep at night and was thinking.

He stood up and walked to the girls’ dormitories, only to be taken aback by their eagerness to have fun with him. Even So-hyun was eager to meet Dae-ho for the first time.

She reasoned that they should grant Wang Jeon’s request as her father would have done the same thing. Mu Kun assures them that she will agree because her survival depends on it.

We did this in anticipation of the father’s future assistance. His debt to Yeon Woo (MC) plays a role within the story’s larger narrative structure. It is essential to the plot that there be no sudden influx of female protagonists.

Wang Jeon, her father, is the squad’s real hero, a vital character in the story’s overarching narrative, and the true antagonist.

With the exception of Mu Ku, the spouses perform a supporting role. Mu Ku is the only character who contributes to the plot.

The others are essentially supplementary to the primary objective of attracting new individuals. Although we can appreciate why you might find their inclusion irritating, the author certainly could have incurred debt in other ways.

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