My Secret Romance Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And Everything We Know So Far

Do you watch Korean dramas? One of the best Korean dramas is My Secret Romance. The comedic and dramatic elements of a show directed by Kang Cheol-woo were superb. The South Korean comedy-drama series My Secret Romance premiered in 2017. From April 17th through May 30th, 2017, for a total of 14 episodes, this series aired at 9:00 (KST) on the Cable network OCN in South Korea on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Kim Ha-na and Kim Young-Yoon wrote the novel My Secret Romance. Producing alongside director Kang Seong-Wook are co-producers Park Hyun and Lee Hyeong-hee. Kim Jong-won, Park Suk, and Jeon Ju-ae serve as Executive Producers. Season 1 includes 14 episodes with an average running time of 40-45 minutes each.

My Secret Romance Season 2 Release Date

There has been no announcement of the publication of My Secret Romance. ‘My Secret Romance’ Season 1 director and PD Kang Cheol Woo released a new drama in 2021 called ‘So I Married My Anti-Fan,’ which became a critical and commercial success. An announcement of ‘My Secret Romance’ Season 2 is continually being sought after by fans, who have even taken to starting online petitions to express their desire to witness more positive interactions between the show’s two main protagonists. Everything points to Season 2 of “My Secret Romance” being officially announced, or so the fans hope.

My Secret Romance Storyline

My Secret Romance, which premiered in 2017 on the Korean TV network OCN (often airing action and thriller K-dramas), is the first romantic comedy-drama to run on the network. ‘My Secret Romance’ is about Cha Jin Wook, a chaebol son (a son from a wealthy family) who solely had one-night stands and whose relationship with Lee Yoo Mi in a resort in Gangwon Do, South Korea, ended abruptly when she left him the next morning. The plot begins with their fortuitous re-encounter three years later.

My Secret Romance Cast

  • Sung Hoon as Cha Jin-wook, A prickly second-generation chaebol, and director of a company owned by his dad.
  • Song Ji-eun as Lee Yoo-mi, A nutritionist who feels insecure about other people’s opinions and is also scared to wear revealing clothes due to her mother’s controversial reputation on society.
  • Kim Jae-young as Jung Hyun-tae, A successful travel writer and the owner of a book cafe.
  • Jung Da-sol as Joo Hye-ri, A young and beautiful announcer who is popular with men, but has an unrequited crush on Jin-wook.
  • Lee Kan-hee as Kim Ae-ryung, Jin-wook’s mother
  • Kim Jong-goo as Cha Dae-bok, Jin-wook’s father
  • Park Shin-woon as Jang Woo-jin, Jin-wook’s secretary
  • Nam Gi-ae as Jo Mi-hee, Yoo-mi’s mother
  • Joo Sang-hyuk as Dong-goo, Yoo-mi’s little brother
  • Kim Si-young as Wang Bok-ja
  • Im Do-yoon as Kang Je-ni
  • Lee Hae-in as Jang Eun-bi
  • Baek Seung-heon as Lee Shin-hwa
  • Jeon So-min as Girl in the Club

My Secret Romance Season 2 Plot

Cha Jin Wook and Lee Yoo Mi’s relationship began with a chance encounter, and when they later saw each other again, Cha Jin Wook mistook Yoo Mi’s much younger brother for her kid. While in Gangwon Do for her mother’s wedding, Lee Yoo Mi met Cha Jin Wook, whose father had assigned him to do menial labor “as a way for him to learn about taking responsibility.” They’ve got a lot of the same issues and childhood traumas. Lee Yoo Mi is hired by chance to be Cha Jin Wook’s nutritionist after he falls unwell, and the two soon engage in-office romance.

Fans want to witness more of the pair’s steamy chemistry from scenes like the one in the pool that went viral on ‘My Secret Romance’ Season 1. As the first season came to a close, Jin Wook confessed to Yoo Mi that he had been yearning for a fresh start like this for as long as he could remember, and Yoo Mi agreed. Fans of the show are eager to find out how the second season of “My Secret Romance” unfolds for the couple.

Where to watch My Secret Romance?

This series is available on the following streaming services: TV Shows and Movies on Netflix, including the Free Basic Plan with Ads There have been whispers that the premiere date for Season 2 will be announced sooner rather than later. If the new season is indeed confirmed, then it will likely premiere on Netflix before any other service.

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