My Perfect Landing Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

One of the most anticipated new TV series right now is the second season of My Perfect Landing. There have been a lot of programs on yoga, flexibility, and gymnastics, but My Perfect Landing stands out because of the unique flavor it brings to the table.

The series follows a group of gymnasts who have a common interest and travel all the way from Miami to Canada to participate in a competition. The program focuses on their desire and determination to relocate while being the greatest at their craft. After its first August 2020 premiere on Netflix, audiences enthusiastically devoured all 15 episodes. The public is eager for My Perfect Landing season 2 to premiere.

My Perfect Landing Season 2 Release Date

The story follows a group of gymnasts as they make a monumental trip to Canada. This gymnastics team, like many others, must face the difficulties of uprooting and starting again. Jenny is the protagonist, and she spends a lot of time in Miami, where her relatives own a leisure facility.

No formal announcements about the next season have been released as of yet. There has been no announcement of a second season from the makers or the actors. Netflix created a 14-episode first season for the show.

About My Perfect Landing

The Canadian series My Perfect Landing is aimed at preteens. The gymnastics family at the center of the story makes a life-altering journey from Miami to Toronto. Frank van Keeken founded both The Next Step and Lost & Found Music Studios, and he also authored the pilot episode “Changes” alongside series regular Lyndon Casey, as well as episodes 13 and 15, titled “Ready for Battle” and “Hillside: Part Two,” respectively.

The series debuted on January 8, 2020, and will run for 15 episodes till April 22, 2020, on Family Channel. In the United Kingdom, it was broadcast on CBBC, and on Netflix throughout the world on August 1, 2020.

My Perfect Landing’s season finale, “Hillside: Part Two,” left viewers hanging, setting up the show for an inevitable continuation into a second season. Due to an unforeseen shutdown of TV production throughout Canada caused by COVID-19, this was never made, leaving the cliffhanger ending tantalizingly unsolved until this day.

My Perfect Landing Season 2 Cast

Without Jenny Cortez, what would Season 2 of My Perfect Landing be like? The fans can’t even fathom a scenario like this happening. Morgan Wigle, the gymnast, will reprise her role as Jenny in the sequel.

In alongside her, Shawn Thompson, who plays Gus, will almost certainly come back. In addition to them, Helena Marie may make a return appearance as Whitney Cortez, Jenny’s mother. Finally, Tom Hulshof, who played Joon Cortez, and Natasha Zaborski, who played Olivia Shaw, could return.

It’s possible that Hailey Vynychenko will fill in for Sarah Cortez in the supporting cast. Season 2 of My Perfect Landing might mean a return to film for Francesca van Keeken as Rachel Osbourne, Leonidas Castrounis as Kiko LaVoisier, and Holly Belbeck as Cassie LaVoisier.

My Perfect Landing Story

The family of gymnasts known as the Cortez is the focus of the premiere season. They are migrating from Miami to Canada. The show digs into the nuances of their daily lives as they adjust to this major change.

Jenny Cortez travels to Canada often since her family owns a leisure complex there. The story adds some tension by placing it against this setting. Jenny’s ambition to become a world-famous acrobat is shown in the program via intimate details of their daily life. You won’t know whether she will be successful and get the respect of others until you’ve seen the first season.

My Perfect Landing Season 2 Plot

The season finale saw the little girl suffer a stunt-related leg injury. She had a serious injury for a gymnast, but still performed well in the finals. However, Jenny’s mother and friends cheered her on from the audience during the tournament. She managed to pull off a difficult gymnastic trick thanks to the encouragement she received. Because of this, Jenny was able to secure first place, much to the delight of her supporters.

The second season of My Perfect Landing may pick up just where the previous one left off in terms of the plotline. Fans are anticipating the continuation of the drama following Jenny’s triumph in the season finale. Jenny’s recuperation from her leg contusion will undoubtedly be a major plot point in the next season.

After the accident, many of her fans began to wonder whether she would ever compete in gymnastics again. So, if the tale goes on, the audience will find out. Jenny’s loved ones, notably Gus and Whitney, will assist her in remounting. However, followers are aware that Jenny will do all in her power to carry on the work of her grandfather and mother.

My Perfect Landing Season 2 Episodes

Fifteen episodes make up the first season. Episodes typically run for around 24 minutes. Season 2 of My Perfect Landing will also likely consist of fifteen or sixteen episodes.

My Perfect Landing Season 2 Trailer

Nothing new has been announced about Season 2 of “My Perfect Landing.” A trailer will be released, however, as soon as there is any formal word from the sources concerning a second season. Watch the first season’s promo here:

Where to watch My Perfect Landing Season 2?

Enjoy the enthralling world of “My Perfect Landing” whenever and wherever you choose thanks to Netflix’s instantaneous streaming service. Netflix has purchased the rights to the program, giving viewers obtain to each of the episodes and seasons, including the highly anticipated second season, even though the show initially aired on Family Channel. The captivating gymnastics and heartfelt stories in “My Perfect Landing” on Netflix are sure to captivate viewers.

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