My Hero Academia: the bunny Mirko in a Missbri cosplay

My Hero Academia is resumed with the fifth season of the anime. With the first two episodes broadcast on Crunchyroll we saw the protagonist Izuku Midoriya but also some events dating back to the finale of last season. Among these is the reappearance of Mirko, the rabbit heroine.

Alias ​​at Rumi Usagiyama, Mirko was introduced at the end of My Hero Academia 4. The last episodes had in fact introduced the top 10 of the Japanese heroes and among the strongest there is her. The dark-skinned heroine with rabbit-like features broke into anime scenes with kicks, but now she is also doing it in the cosplay world with the creation of Miss Bri.

The cosplayer posted on Instagram some photos and a video with the Mirko cosplay which you can see in the post below. The bunny thus comes to life with her white and purple costume where a crescent moon also stands out in the center of her chest. There are also long and hairy ears on the head and very long white hair, and gloves that complete the costume. Do you think I made a good cosplay of the heroine of My Hero Academia 5?

Mirko’s design had received some changes in My Hero Academia 5, albeit minor ones. Did you notice them?

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