My Hero Academia Heroes Rising: a new key visual shows the film's twist

Since its introduction, My Hero Academia Heroes: Rising he concentrated his promotional campaign on the two protagonists, Deku and Bakugo, the real flagship of the brand's second film.

The film quickly achieved great success, both in Japan but especially in America, where it scored impressive numbers. Although therefore the film has already debuted in several cinemas (in Italy we are still in a stalemate), unpublished content continues to leak around the network.

The Twitter user Spytrue has in fact shared a new dedicated key visual just to the two protagonists of the film, which frames them in their final battle against the antagonist Nine. The illustration reveals the hit of the film scene, that is the sharing of One For All with Bakugo.

Curiously, in Horikoshi's plans, this must have been the epilogue of the manga, except then change your mind and veer towards a different conclusion. Nonetheless, the leitmotif of the film – the spirit of collaboration between the two characters – is something that is increasingly emerging in the last few chapters.

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It is not excluded, therefore, that the author may recover in the future the characterizing element of the feature film, and decline it in a different narrative context. You'd like it? Tell us below with a comment!

My Hero Academia Heroes: Rising, that's when the Home Video edition will be released. My Hero Academia Heroes: Rising is a phenomenon, surpassed the Enchanted City in America.


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