My Hero Academia: Bakugo protagonist of a twist in chapter 285

In the last chapter of the manga by My Hero Academia, Midoriya found himself needing the help of Bakugo, who devised a plan to defeat Shigaraki and the Paranormal Liberation Front. The author, however, had a coup de grace in store that left the fans stunned.

If you have not read chapter 285 of the manga, we advise you not to continue further if you do not want spoilers!

Midoriya is pushing her power of the One for All beyond all limits in his battle against Shigaraki and is doing everything to keep the leader of the Paranormal Liberation Front in the air, where he cannot harm either the heroes or the rest of the world.

Izuku tries to resist, blow after blow, and although he puts all his energy and all his will into it, we know that Deku’s body will not resist long before suffering permanent damage, not to mention what could happen to him if the leader of the League of Villains reached him. Bakugo wastes no time and as he witnesses the titanic battle over his head, he devises a plan.

Bakugo, Midoriya e Todoroki they did a training for hero number one, Endeavor, so he can learn to better govern their quirks, and so the explosive hero manages to involve Shoto’s father in his plan. As Todoroki, Endeavor and Bakugo head for battle in the air, hero number one Endeavor uses his most powerful attack, the Prominence Burn, leaving Shigaraki in trouble.

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Bakugo does not stop there, to protect his friend Midoriya in fact, he will be hit in his place by Shigaraki, who pierces him with his deadly threads of All for One. In this scene, Bakugo sacrifices himself to save Izuku, in a devastating scene that inevitably reminds us when, in the first chapters of the manga, Deku risked his life to save his friend Kacchan, despite having no quirk yet.

How do you think this battle will turn out? Will Bakugo be saved? While we dry our tears, we remind you that the month of release of My Hero Academia 5 has been announced. If you want to deepen the events of chapter 285, we advise you to read other considerations on chapter 285 of My Hero Academia.


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