My Hero Academia and Deadpool release official crossover

Before his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Deadpool is enjoying time in Japan with a project of manga brand new, and its most recent chapter made the dreams of many fans of My Hero Academia.

And why is that? Well, everything is quite simple. After all, My Hero Academia just got an official Deadpool crossover thanks to its manga, and the results are more than satisfactory. Following, The Truth News He shares the art in question with you along with other curiosities.

The test came down this week with My Hero Academia appearing in Deadpool Samurai out of nowhere. The manga, which is one of Marvel’s most widely read comics of the year, saw Deadpool get into a tough spot.

The antihero came face to face with Thanos, who delighted in slapping the mercenary, and no one could face Thanos for help. Eventually, Deadpool decided it was time to call Captain Marvel for help, but he texted the wrong person.

Instead, All Might from Kohei Horikoshi’s shonen series receives the text, and the hero came flying. The Peace Symbol smashed Thanos with a single Detroit Smash to the face, and All Might rescues Deadpool in his arms with his familiar cry.

Crossover de My Hero Academia y Deadpool

“Don’t worry Deadpool. Why, you ask? Because I AM HERE.

Clearly, Deadpool Samurai made dreams come true with this little note, so all is well with the comic. Boku no Hero Academia fans love this crossover, and it gets even better after learning one more fact.

The creator of My Hero Academia actually drew All Might in this crossover, so we’re sure Kohei Horikoshi is freaking out in his own right. We remind you that you can read the official MHA manga at MANGA More and that the series is airing its fifth anime season.

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