My Hero Academia: a fan points out the death of a hero from the last chapters

Almost six years have passed since the beginning of My Hero Academia on Weekly Shonen Jump and, in this period, the author Kohei Horikoshi had the opportunity to publish over 250 chapters. This means a large number of drawn characters, many with a face and a well-known name, others who are instead relegated to the background.

It has been noticed often Horikoshi's insertion of bizarre characters and from other manga in My Hero Academia. Among the background heroes, however, there are also those who, even without receiving a name, are noticed by fans. And the case of the nameless hero who appeared in chapter 190 of My Hero Academia, during the narrative arc that saw the battle between Endeavor and the Nomu High-End.

At the bottom we saw a light-haired character and a sort of protection on the forehead, with a white and black uniform. The character is reappeared in chapter 273 of My Hero Academia, published a few weeks ago. A fan noticed it and unfortunately had to find the death of this character, having been one of the first victims of Himiko Toga who had turned into a hero to enter the enemy ranks and start a carnage. Have you noticed this cameo or has there been any other detail left over from the last chapters?

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