My Hero Academia 5: Eraserhead as All Might in the third episode of the new season

In the third episode of the fifth season of the animated My Hero Academia a character who hasn’t been seen since the Sports Festival has returned. Let’s talk about Hitoshi Shinso, whose dream was to enter the heroes department of Yuei High.

Through his Quirk, the brainwashing, Shinso can mind control people and force them to obey his every command. To do this, however, the target must verbally answer a question. Discovered this secret, the Quirk is totally inefficient, making the would-be hero vulnerable. To enter the heroes department of the Yuei, as we have learned, it takes a lot more, but apparently Shinso is back with a new ace up his sleeve.

During the period away from the scene, Hitoshi Shinso constantly trained in the company of Shota Aizawa, who, following what All Might did with Deku, became his personal mentor.

Thanks to his teachings, Shinso has learned to control the fighting technique that distinguishes Eraserhead. Handling the long ribbon wrapped around his neck, the aspiring hero has transformed into an insidious support fighter capable of taking down opponents without even touching them directly.

But why did Eraserhead choose him as his “favorite” pupil? As a boy, Aizawa was exactly like Shinso, he possessed no offensive or defensive skills and all he could do in battle was stop opponents with his Quirk. So, the UA Highschool Class 1-A professor has revised himself in Shinso and through his knowledge he intends to make his dream come true.

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