My Hero Academia 309 spoilers, release date, and where to read

After saving Yo Shindo, Deku chases Muscular, who is going crazy and destroys everything that comes his way. Chapter 309 of My Hero Academia shows Midoriya Izuku’s attempts to stop the villain from the manga.

Twitter user “Aitaikimochi” shared the preview of the Chapter 309 along with the manga creator’s message Kohei Horikoshi, after chapter 308 was officially released. The Truth News He shares it with you below:

“Deku is still alone, but what exactly will happen during that time?”, Shares the My Hero Academia fan about chapter 309. Apparently the predecessors of One For All are helping Izuku with their Quirks and guiding him so that Deku make the most of your potential.

Deku will use more Quirks from One For All in My Hero Academia 309

When is My Hero Academia 309 coming out?

According to information from the official site of VIZ Media, chapter 309 of Boku no Hero Academia is scheduled to launch on Sunday April 18 (11:00 CST). Fans can read the manga legally and for free (last 3 chapters) on Shueisha’s MANGA Plus app; since in this way they support the work of the creator.

Warning! The spoilers continue. After seeing Deku, Muscular is excited when he finally lands a worthy opponent. Muscular tells Midoriya how these heroes (referring to Shindo and the others) are not up to the task.

He adds that he is not seeking revenge or anything dramatic. All you want is to have fun. Then the villain jumps towards Deku, but the latter notices that his jump is not high enough. It collides with the building and destroys it completely.

My Hero Academia 308 (Foto: Shueisha)

Meanwhile, Deku pulls Shindo out of the rubble and takes him to Tatami. He asks you to give him first aid. Tatami is mad at Shindo for trying to fight a villain like Muscular alone. Tatami cannot see Deku through the smoke, but he can recognize his voice.

Deku notices that he is losing control of his new powers. Meanwhile, a user of One For All appears in your thoughts and it reminds you of how OFA’s influence has opened the floodgates. He tells Izuku that the power has been built through eight generations of quirk users.

Deku learns how the heat of power feels because he is the ninth user. The One For All User guide the protagonist of the shonen series for you to relax and use powers as tools and tackle problems strategically.

Later, Deku uses Float from the seventh user and the smoke screen of the sixth to limit the visibility of Muscular. The fourth user’s sense of danger allows Deku to read the opponent’s movements and the fifth’s black whip is used to restrain the enemy.

The new chapter is likely to show Deku using One For All in a more controlled way; something that My Hero Academia fans have never seen before in Izuku’s predecessor All Might. What do you think of the new Quirks available for Deku?

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