My Dear Gangster Oppa Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

My Dear Gangster Oppa Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Come on, people! Season 2 of My Dear Gangster Oppa is here. Is the popular crime-love show going to end, or is there likely to be a second season?

To this point, not much is known about the upcoming season, but… And all good things must come to an end.

This implies that fans are waiting to find out if their favorite show will return for a second season or whether it will be one of the ones that ended before they even reached the one-year mark.

The webcomic “The Ideal Relationship” by Ken was turned into this Thai BL. The show is about Guy, a shy college student. Guy starts to feel lonely, so he chooses to play video games for fun.

He meets Thou, an individual with ties to the gang, through this game. Guy, on the other hand, is drawn to this kind person, and he soon starts to open wide to him.

There is still no word on whether or not the two will take on the lead parts, which makes fans wonder.

The 45-chapter webtoon “My Dear Gangster Oppa, or พี่นักಀลงทีಈรัก” by KEN, Yeondam, and Antstudio will definitely be turned into a live-action show.

It came out in 2019 in Korean first, and then it was turned into English in the title “The Ideal Relationship.”

This movie is about a young man who is in love with his best friend but doesn’t tell her. He later meets a computer gamer who turns toward to be a robber.

On the contrary, Meen Nichakhoon as well as Ping Krittanun from “Ai Long Nhai: The Series” by M Flow Entertainment are said to be joining the group.
Their filming schedule, which runs from June 29th to August 31st, was posted on M Choice’s social media accounts.

My Dear Gangster Oppa Season 2 Release Date

However, it’s likely to happen in late 2024 and early 2025 if it does. This is due to the fact that Thai BL dramas need between 6 and 12 months to make a season, based on how much money they have and how complicated the show is.

If My Dear Gangster Oppa Season 2 gets picked up in early 2024, it might not come out until late 2024. But if the show is picked up again in late 2024, it’s likely to start in early 2025.

But Season 2 of My Dear Gangster Oppa could come out that a different time. It would depend upon what the makers and the company making it did about when it came out.

Still, based on how long Thai BL shows usually take to make, Season 2 of My Dear Gangster Oppa will probably start airing in late 2024 as well as early 2025.

My Dear Gangster Oppa Season 2 Cast

  • Meen Nichakoon Khajornborirak as Thou
  • Ping Krittanai Aunchananun as Guy
  • Winner Tanatat Kunaneksin as Wal
  • ommy Charupob Ruangsuwan as Kenji
  • Paam Santhanam Manu Pichu as Tom
  • Yoghurt Yosita Wasuphiruk as  Muffin
  • Nitta Pinyadar Salinvarradar as Phai
  • Tonlew Nunnapat Songsakseree as Nami

My Dear Gangster Oppa Season 2 Trailer

My Dear Gangster Oppa Season 2 Plot

Who is a friend of Guy’s who goes to the exact same college as him and deeply loves him? For example, Guy plays video games online to pass the time. It’s there that he meets Yuuri, a nice young woman.

It also comes as a surprise to Guy when he finds out that Yuri is really Tie, a good-looking young criminal with a very scary past.

On one hand, Guy’s risky job doesn’t stop him from being smitten by Tiw’s kindness.

In addition, Guy starts to open up to Tiw during their meeting. But Tiw’s past makes their relationship harder because his world might be full of dangers.

Because of this, Tiw’s enemies are set on killing him, which gets Guy into trouble. Tiw’s enemies are set on killing him, and Guy is stuck in the middle of them.

He has to decide if he wants to keep Tiw safe in his risky world or run away to protect himself.

My Dear Gangster Oppa is a beautiful love story, but it’s also about family, camaraderie, and loyalty.

My Dear Gangster Oppa also talks about feelings between family members and friends, among other things.

This is the love story of two people who met in a different world and fell in love with each other.

Guy and Tiw finally get together at the conclusion of Season 1. They’ve been able to overcome problems like Tiw’s dangerous job and the unhappy friendships and family of their friends and family.

There is no other choice for Tiw but to give up something for Guy’s sake. So, Tiw’s enemies shot and killed him, which broke Guy’s heart.

On the last episode of the season, Guy is sad about Tiw’s death and vows to get revenge on him.

There may or may not be a Season 2 for My Dear Gangster Oppa. Fans hope that Guy can find love again while still remembering Tiw. Some fans thought that Tiw might not be killed for good.

They said that his body is never shown on the show while Guy sees Tiw within his mind at the finish of each season. He might have lived through the killing and then hidden himself.

We won’t know if they can find another way to love again or whether the death of Tiw will be too painful for them to get over until later, if things happen. Tiw and Guy’s future is still not clear.

Lee Sang Hwa is quiet and shy, but he has had a crush on his good-looking friend Seo Ryeo Han for a long time. On the other hand, everyone likes him.

Because Sanghwa doesn’t think he can win Ryeohan’s love, he starts playing The Legend of Saga, a game available online, as “idealize.”

He becomes friends with “the great Mirae,” a cute doctor who seems to like Sangwha a lot. and who just so happen to be a real gangster.

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