Money Heist Season 4: Why Fans are so much disappointed

Money Heist Season 4
Money Heist Season 4

Money Heist Season 4: Why Fans are so much disappointed after watching this?

Money Heist Season 4 is an anticipated Spanish Crime-Drama series that was aired on 3 April 2020. This series featured 2 heists by a group named on various locations as well as led by expert Professor (Heist planner). Everyone loved its third season released in 2019 but what has been happened in Money Heist Season 4, the audience got bored and disappointed. First of all, if you have not seen the drama of Money Heist Season 4, I would recommend you go, watch and share your reviews.

What the reason that audience is disappointed after watching Money Heist Season 4?

We saw in Money Heist Season 3, professor planned for the heist in the royal mint of Spain. He rescued Rio and won the people’s heart in last season. The last scene of Money Heist Season 3 was full of unanswered questions and suspense about Professor will save himself from the site or not. In Money Heist Season 4, Professor seemed came to know about Rachel is alive or still in an investigation case.

Gandia didn’t wear a bullet-proof jacket. These things made a non-serious concept for money heist future in fans’ minds. After dropping its season 4, fans are disappointed. We read people’s review they stated that “they loved Money Heist first and second episode” and “the show has mostly about Berlin’s wedding, the story of Money Heist Season 4 fewer covers that his wife influences the heist”. The reason for the disappointing audience is the story is turned around the various arguments rather than heist platting. Apart from this, the character Raquel sits on a chair for seven episodes; this kills me when I watch it. In the last, we can say most of the Money Heist lovers didn’t like season 4 and they are very highly disappointed.


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