“Mismatched” Season 2 – Netflix Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More Updates!!

Most fans and viewers who may have seen the series will believe it, “Not Every Match Is Made In Heaven, Some Are ‘Mismatched‘ Too.”

As you all know, there are so many people out there who love to binge-watch some exciting web television series. Most people are surely seeking out some interesting series to watch. But when we are talking about TV shows, there are so many numerous titles available.

Almost every person who loves to watch TV shows or movies are well aware of Netflix. You all must know that Netflix has a huge collection of movies as well as TV shows to stream in different regions.

Among a large number of web television series, Mismatched is among the new and recently released series on Netflix India. The new Indian web television series is indeed so amazing and exciting.

It seems like all the series lovers and viewers did get a thrilling series to stream on Netflix. The Mismatched series did premiere its first season recently on Netflix. It was just a few weeks ago that the series debuts its first episode.

One of the most interesting facts about the Mismatched series is it leaves us craving for more. Yes, almost all the viewers who did watch the series feel like they want to watch it more.

The first season of the series ends with a huge cliffhanger leaving fans wondering. As of now, there is a huge number of fans who have been eagerly waiting for the next season. Most fans as well as viewers have the wish to know when they are going to watch the upcoming season.

In this article, we are going to provide you all the essential details about Mismatched Season 2. That will be including the release date, cast, storyline, and more updates.

Mismatched Season 2 

Netflix recently dropped a coming of age romance drama series that goes by the name, Mismatched. It is sure that the streaming giant did manage to provide a full package of entertainment, excitement, thrill, romance, and drama. Mismatched is a comedy-drama series that recently did premiere its very first season on Netflix India.

All the series lovers and fans will surely know that the first season did premier on 20th November 2020. So it has only been a few weeks since the adult comedy series, Mismatched did debut on Netflix India.


Within just a short period of time, the series did manage to grow a large number of viewers as well as fans. Currently, there are so many fans who have been waiting with bated breath to know about the next part.

Not only the series is coping up with the increasing popularity and viewership in India but also it keeps on growing all over the world. All the Netflix subscribers who have some interest in watching a Hindi-language comedy series must watch it.

The series is such an exciting and overwhelming that you will not control yourself after watching the first part. You will crave to watch more as the first season leaves its audience with a cliffhanger.

Since the first season of Mismatched did premiere, almost all viewers want to know about the second season’s release date. There is so much going on right now on social medial platforms about the Mismatched series.

Some fans are supporting the series by sharing their best moments. While some others are asking about the time they will have to wait to watch another season. With such an interesting storyline and talented actors, the Mismatched series is a must-watch for all series lovers. Let’s move forward to know about Mismatched Season 2.

What Is The Series About?

Mismatched, as you all now know is one of the latest additions to Netflix India. It is a hit 2020 dramedy series that people can stream currently on the streaming giant. The series happens to be on rage ever since it first did premiere in November 2020.

With Prajakta Kofi and Rohit Saraf, the Mismatched series is an adaptation of the 2017 novel, ‘When Dimple Met Rishi’ by Sandhya Menon. As we all can figure out from the name of the series itself, Mismatched is all about two young people. The series happens to be all about Dimple Ahuja (Prajakta Koli) and Rishi (Rohit Saraf).

The story follows Rishi and Dimple involving in a relationship that you can call Mismatched. It is not like they both happens to be in a relationship with their own choices. But their unique and Mismatched relationship is what both of their family members have set.

The story will surely focus on two people who are figuring out the romance in their relationship. Most viewers love to watch how Rishi and Dimple are going to deal with their Mismatched relationship.

It is sure that any person will not want to be in a relationship with some other person without getting a choice. Both Rishi and Dimple do not have the choice but to get into a relationship with one another.

Although there will be a lot of dissimilarities and different interests, Rishi and Dimple tend to find something in common. It is a journey in which you will witness how both the characters will adapt to one another’s decisions as well as interests. Watching the series, you will understand how quickly the priorities change for a couple who likes each other.

Let us now have a look at the amazing leading characters of the series.

The character of Rishi:

All the viewers who did watch the first season of the Mismatched series should know it. Rohit Suresh Saraf is a Bollywood actor who is playing the character role of Rishi in Mismatched.

The Bollywood actor is popular for his short but impacting role in some movies and web series. He will be playing the male protagonist in the Mismatched series that did premiere recently. Rohit Saraf did manage to play a role in movies such as Dear Zindagi, Hichki, and The Sky is Pink.

In the Mismatched series, Rohit Saraf is trying his best to play the character of Rishi. It seems like the character of Rishi likes Dipti, another leading character in the series. Viewers will directly figure out that Rishi has more interest in being around Dipti.

But he fascinates a fairy tale ending and generic love story. He is more like a boy who believes in an old-school love story. The character of Rishi fits well for the series title, Mismatched.

There are so many things that you are going to know about the character of Rishi. But that will only be possible when you are going to watch the Mismatched series. Not only you are going to witness some positive points but also there are some negative points when looking at the Rishi character. Most viewers will be expecting Rishi to be the notorious kind of boy. But instead, he is more like a person who believes in love.

It will be such an interesting and exciting thing to watch Rishi being in a relationship with Dimple. Both of them have opposite personalities. So they are going to find it a little difficult to work their relationship out. But the Mismatched series will make sure about one thing. That is to totally entertain all viewers.

The character of Dimple:

There is a huge number of fans as well as followers who have been waiting for the talented actress to play the character role of Dimple in the Mismatched series. It is sure that most people know about Prajakta Koli who happens to be a popular Youtuber.

Prajakta Koli is playing the female protagonist in the Mismatched series. She plays the character role of Dimple so well that it makes the series even more interesting. Dimple, the leading character in the series happens to be a smart, beautiful, and talented girl. She is more like a beauty with a brain combination along with expertise in Tech.

As you are going to watch the first few episodes of Mismatched, you are going to realize that Dimple does not have much interest in love. Yes, Dimple has such an opposite personality and taste than Rishi. Dimple does not believe much in love or destiny or a relationship at all. It is clear in Dimple’s mind that she does not want to have any kind of romantic life.

Here, we are talking about a fearless girl who is aiming more at her career and ambitions. Also, Prajakta Koli is the one to play the character in Mismatched Season 1. She is very well-known for her short comedic videos. But she is also famous for her collaborations with leading brands like Nike and Amazon Alexa.

It will indeed be unique and unpredictable to watch Dimple and Rishi be in a relationship. Rishi believes in love and destiny while Dimple believes in growing her career. Mismatched will be an amazing and mind-blowing series that will bring a lot of entertainment to viewers. You all must know that Mismatched is successful enough to mark a place in the viewers’ hearts. Prepare yourself for a Mismatched relationship.

Will There Be Another Series?

All the viewers and subscribers should know that Netflix only recently dropped Mismatched Season 1. There are so many fans and critiques who did watch the first season of the series. But after watching the first season, any person will not think of anything but of the second season.

It is sure that the first season of Mismatched did leave all the viewers with a huge cliffhanger. That is one of the reasons why fans have been looking over everywhere to know the premiere date for the next part.

As you all know, the Mismatched series did air its first season on November 20, 2020. So it will be a little too early to know anything about the next season of the series. The Mismatched series is currently in a premature state to even think about the season renewal. It is sure that the streaming platform will have to think about a lot of things before coming to any decision of renewing the series.

Well, all of you should not have to worry about anything at all. Because we are going to update you all about the series confirmation as soon as it happens. First of all, we are going to get the series renewal announcement.

Then only there are chances to get the official teaser or trailer for the Mismatched series. It is sure that within a short time period of releasing the trailer, the premiere dates will be out.

Looking at the current increasing popularity and viewership, almost all the fans are hoping for the Mismatched series to bring on a second season. There will surely be another exciting season of the Mismatched series if everything goes according to plan. The show is more likely to have another six entertaining episodes of half-hour in the next season.

Netflix’s Mismatched Season 2 Release Date

Right now, it will be only like a guessing game to predict the release date of Mismatched Season 2. But it is sure that all the fans are more than eager to know when they can expect the next season.

Season 1 of Mismatched did premiere in November 2020. Also, there is no new announcement for the series renewal. That is why it will be a little difficult to say anything about the premiere date of the second season. Our best guess is the next part of the Mismatched series will be more likely to arrive at some point in 2021.

As the previous season did end on a huge cliffhanger, most people can not resist themselves. There are so many people who are hoping for the show to return with its second season as soon as possible.

But Netflix is yet to comment on the series renewal when we are talking about Mismatched. That is why most fans are wondering whether the series will return for the next season or not. Some critiques say that the increasing popularity can only lead to the renewal of the series.

Overall, there is not much that anyone can predict right now about the next season of Mismatched. But that surely does not mean that there will not be a second season.

However, we can assure all the viewers and fans of Mismatched that the series will not be releasing anytime sooner. It will be possible for you all to wait for at least 8 to 12 months before getting the release date.

No matter how much all the viewers and series lovers will have to wait for the next season to premiere on Netflix India. It is sure that Mismatched Season 2 will be worth it. Let us hope for the best.

Who Will Be In The Cast Of Mismatched Season 2?

It is believable that talented actors and actresses are one of the primary reasons for any series to gain popularity. Most of the fans are expecting all the main cast members to return back in the next season. You all must know that all the leading characters will indeed come back to reprise their character in the Mismatched series.

The next season will be including most of the cast members from the previous season of Mismatched. But there are some chances of introducing totally new characters in the upcoming season. Along with the new characters come the new and talented actors.

Almost all the fans, as well as viewers, need to know that there will be some new characters. Yes, if the story plot of the series will demand some new characters then the next season will have to include them. Or else, you all are going to witness the amazing pair and couple, Rishi and Dimple.

The second season of Mismatched will surely be including the leading star cast. So Prajakta Koli and Rohit Saraf will be returning to play the character role of Dimple and Rishi. That is why it will be possible for viewers to enjoy the fights, cuddles, and perks of the Mismatched relationship.

Additionally, the next part of the Mismatched series will include the supporting cast as well. Viewers will possibly watch Muskkaan Jaferi playing the role of Celina Mathews. While Devyani Shorey will reprise the character role of Namrata Bidasaria.

You will also witness Taruk Raina in the series as Anmol Malhotra and Vihan Samrat as Harsh Agrawal. Siddhartha Sinha is the character that Ranvijay Singh will be reprising.

Some other cast members also may return in Mismatched Season 2. It includes Vidya Malvade as Zeenath Karim and Kritika Bharadwaj as Simran Malhotra.

Story Plot Of Mismatched 

Mismatched is indeed a comedy-drama series that most viewers will love to stream on Netflix India. The story mostly revolves around Rohit and Dimple who are moving on in a relationship. But the strange thing about their relationship is that their family did manage to set it up for them.

The first season keeps on becoming more and more interesting with each episode passing. Due to the insisting family members, they both agree to go on a date with each other. Their date plan completely ruins as soon as they both meet one another. They will instantly realize that they do not have anything in common.

Later on, there arises a situation where Dimple and Rishi will have to work together. Yes, they both will have to work on an app for their internship project. In the first season, viewers will get to see the journey of Dimple and Rishi creating an app.

Also, it is remarkable to see how they both are handling their friends and bullies along with a snooty professor. There are so many twists and turns to experience in the first season of the Mismatched series. But it will mean a full package of entertainment and fun for viewers.

Well, as the series moves to the final episode, both of them get into a serious fight. Also, the coding for the app that Dimple was working on did leak somehow. Most viewers believe that it was Celina or Simran who may have their hands in the app leak.

So there are lots of mysteries that will be waiting for unveiling in the next part of the Mismatched series. Season 2 will shed a light on what the future of Dimple and Rishi’s love relationship is holding. Season 2 will be amazing, exciting, and thrilling as well.

What To Expect From The Upcoming Season Of Mismatched?

As you all know, there are so many things that did happen in the first season of the Mismatched series. It is sure that the upcoming season will be picking up the story from where it left. All the viewers and fans will be happy when the next part of the series will premiere.

It is because of the huge cliffhanger that all the fans are wondering about after the final episode of Mismatched Season 1. You must know that every series lover will get the answers they are seeking.

Mismatched Season 1 is all about two people with a totally different personality. As it is an adaptation of the 2017 novel When Dimple Met Rishi, all the readers can predict it. In the first season, we all have seen that Dimple and Rishi did get set up on a date.

It was their family members who were setting up a date and thereby a relationship for them. But eventually, the date turns out to be a disaster as soon as both of them meet.

Dimple and Rishi were both working together on an app that may lead them both to bigger things. As Dimple seeks out her career opportunity, she agrees to work on an app for her internship.

While Rohit seems to like to spend more time with Dimple. So it will be better to work with Dimple on an app together. That is what leads Rohit and Dimple both to work on the app.

All of you can expect the second season to revolve around Rishi and Dimple. Most probably the next part will be about how they will work together on an app. Also, the problems and troubles that they both will have to deal with being together. Season 2 will bring Rishi and Dimple closer.

Is There Any Trailer For Mismatched Season 2?

Well, the official trailer for Mismatched Season 2 is yet to release. But if you want to get some glimpses at the amazing and unique Mismatched relationship of Dimple and Rishi. Then you can have a look at the official trailer of the previous season.

Are you excited to watch Mismatched Season 2 on Netflix India? What do you think about the exciting and lovely relationship? Let us know in the comments below.

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