Minecraft: there are those who have recreated the Destiny 2 Tower in the game

It often happens to be surprised by the incredible creations of the players of Minecraft, which over the years have managed to reproduce anything in the cube world of the title Mojang. The latest creation to become popular on social networks is that of EetzJosh, which recreated the Tower by Destiny 2.

As emerges from the information included in the video that the user uploaded to his YouTube channel, created specifically to show the world the fruit of his work, it took 168 hours spread over three months to bring this huge map to life. In total they were used well 226,089 blocks, expertly positioned by EetzJosh with the help of two other Guardians: Mealyac is Limonada. To improve the graphics quality of the Bungie Shooter Hub, the user has used a series of mods that modify the game's lighting system and light up the map in a similar way to how it does in the original game.

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Speaking of stunning creations, we remind you that just a few weeks ago the movie of a player who somehow managed to play Minecraft in Minecraft, giving life to a system through which you can use your PC to ' Mojang title inside.


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