Medici Season 4: Release Date, Cast, And More Information

‘Medici’ or ‘I Medici,’ one of Netflix’s hidden jewels, follows Cosimo de’ Medici as he investigates the unexplained death of his father and contends with his power-hungry rival, Rinaldo Albizzi. After its 2016 debut on Rai 1, the Italian-British historical drama was met with widespread critical acclaim and fan devotion. Season 2 was soon ordered after the success of the first, which garnered critical acclaim and multiple awards. Due to the show’s overwhelming popularity, it was renewed for a third season even before the second season premiered. When will the fourth season of “Medici” be available on Netflix? This is all the information we have.

Medici Season 4 Release Date

Three seasons of the Medici drama were completed without any hiccups. The last season of the show aired not too long ago. Viewers presumably awaited Season 4 of the show. However, there is some bad news for fans: Medici will end after season 3. The creators have also announced via social media that “The Third Installment is the end of the series.” There’s no need to ruminate on the main motivation; the story concludes neatly and satisfactorily. After this, the season ends with no new storylines or plot developments.

There is currently no set date for the release of Season 4 of Medici. And the likelihood of it being renewed is vanishingly small. However, viewers will have to sit tight until the next season premieres.

Medici Storyline

The time period of this historical drama is 1429. The Medici family, who ran Europe’s largest bank, is the focus of this story. The Catholic Church in Rome is a major client of theirs. After the death of the Medici patriarch, Cosimo de Medici assumes control of the family bank.

He keeps working on developing a rapport with the new Pope. Cosimo de Medici’s marriage facilitates the financial success of his bank. Surprisingly, the Medici Family’s power is shaken at the end of the first season.

Twenty years later, Season 2 opens with Lorenzo The Magnificent at the helm of the family bank and ready to expand its reach. When an assassination attempt is made, his authority and administration come under scrutiny. He’s decided to take a diplomatic mission to keep his family and company safe. There were technically three seasons because Season 2 was split in two.

Medici Cast

  • Richard Madden as Cosimo de’ Medici: Head of the Medici family after his father’s death
  • Stuart Martin as Lorenzo de’ Medici: Cosimo’s younger brother
  • Annabel Scholey as Contessina de’ Bardi: Cosimo’s wife.
  • Guido Caprino as Marco Bello: Cosimo’s loyal friend and ally
  • Alessandro Sperduti as Piero de’ Medici: Cosimo’s son
  • Ken Bones as Ugo Bencini: Administrator of the Medici Bank
  • Lex Shrapnel as Rinaldo degli Albizzi: Cosimo’s enemy
  • Daniel Caltagirone as Andrea Pazzi: A powerful member of the Signoria
  • Valentina Bellè (dub. : Aisling Franciosi) as Lucrezia Tornabuoni: Piero’s wife
  • Alessandro Preziosi (dub. : Jeremy Nicholas) as Filippo Brunelleschi
  • Eugenio Franceschini (dub. : Alex Wells-King) as Ormanno Albizzi: Rinaldo and Alessandra’s son
  • Sarah Felberbaum as Maddalena: Cosimo’s lover in Venice and Florence
  • Miriam Leone as Bianca: Cosimo’s lover in Rome
  • Michael Schermi (dub. : Callum Cameron) as Ricciardo: A common man of Florence, loyal to Cosimo
  • Tatjana Inez Nardone as Emilia: Contessina’s maid
  • Valentina Cervi as Alessandra Albizzi: Rinaldo’s wife
  • Brian Cox as Bernardo Guadagni: Officer of the Signoria
  • Dustin Hoffman as Giovanni di Bicci de’ Medici: Cosimo and Lorenzo’s father
  • David Bradley as Count Bardi: Contessina’s father
  • David Bamber as Pope Eugenius IV
  • Daniel Sharman as Lorenzo the Magnificent
  • Sam Taylor Buck as young Lorenzo
  • Bradley James as Giuliano de’ Medici
  • Sarah Parish as Lucrezia Tornabuoni
  • Synnøve Karlsen as Clarice Orsini or Clarice de’ Medici
  • Alessandra Mastronardi as Lucrezia Donati
  • Julian Sands as Piero de’ Medici
  • Matteo Martari (dub. : Jack Hickey) as Francesco de’ Pazzi
  • Niccolo Alaimo as young Francesco
  • Aurora Ruffino (dub. : Peta Cornish) as Bianca de’ Medici
  • Matilda Lutz as Simonetta Vespucci
  • Filippo Nigro as Luca Soderini
  • Annabel Scholey as Contessina de’ Bardi

Medici Season 3 Recap

Lorenzo, Peirco’s son, has matured into a man of strong character in the wake of his brother’s death, and he is determined to exact vengeance. He and his wife are expecting their third kid any day now. The Pazzi conspiracy may have failed, but Lorenzo still has to deal with a military alliance between the Papal States and the Kingdom of Naples, led by the dogged Girolamo Riario. He goes on a diplomatic mission to Naples and successfully negotiates the transfer of a separate peace. The Medici saga concludes in this shocking fashion. According to the producers’ statement, the show will stop after three seasons.

Medici Season 4 Trailer

Watch the Season 3 Promo for ‘Medici’!

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