Marvel's Avengers: the list of objectives has been leaked

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As you know, Marvel's Avengers has been postponed but the title of Square Enix however, it remains one of the most anticipated games of 2020, also due to a very powerful brand like that of the Avengers of the House of Ideas. So it is logical that there is a lot of enthusiasm around the project.

Enthusiasm that has further strengthened after the announcement of the pre-order bonuses of Marvel's Avengers that we talked about yesterday, and of the different special editions that will be available at the launch of the game, scheduled now for the September 4, 2020 and no longer in May as previously announced.

In the meantime, the complete list of achievements of the game: these are 50 trophies, 15 of which are hidden, and unlockable when the story is completed or by performing some actions that the developers did not want to specify.

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To find out more, please refer to the link to the source, at the bottom of the news.

Marvel's Avengers it will be a third person adventure, set in San Francisco, where the Avengers are inaugurating their new headquarters, when the city is shaken by an explosion for which the Avengers, who will now have to foil a tricky plot against them.

What do you expect from the game? Square Enix on the famous group of superheroes Marvel?

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