Magpie Murders Season 2 Release Date: Is It Happening?

Crime fiction fans have been enthralled by Anthony Horowitz’s new take on the genre in Magpie Murders, which premiered on BritBox a year ago and just finished broadcasting on BBC One.

Timothy McMullen plays novelist Alan Conway, whose character Atticus Pünd is investigated by editor Susan Ryeland (played by Lesley Manville). The question now is, with the first season over and done with, will Susan and Atticus be back for more? What follows is a comprehensive guide to season 2 of Magpie Murders.

Magpie Murders Season 2 Renewal Status

In a word, yes! The BBC bought the BritBox series and announced in January that they will be making a second season of Moonflower Murders. Season 2 likely probably be adapted from the second book in Anthony Horowitz’s Susan Ryeland series, also titled Susan Ryeland. In that book, Susan was based in Crete and was looking into a murder that had occurred over ten years prior.

I’m really thrilled that Magpie Murders will continue to be presented on the BBC—it’s natural home,” Horowitz stated upon hearing the acquisition and renewal news. I really enjoyed coming up with the stories, and the director and cast have done a fantastic job of bringing them to life.

Magpie Murders Season 2 Release Date

Season 2 of “Magpie Murders” has not yet been scheduled for a premiere in the United States. The sitcom is experiencing some behind-the-scenes modifications in between seasons 1 and 2 due to the BBC purchasing the rights to air the show going forward. The BBC has stated that the new season will begin production in 2023. The debut of Season 2 on the BBC in the United Kingdom has also been scheduled for 2024.

If the forthcoming season of “Magpie Murders” follows the same pattern as the first, American viewers are going to be waiting many months after the UK release for the official launch in their region. Fans of the series, however, may have to put it off until at least 2024, and that’s being charitable. However, it will undoubtedly be a much-awaited television program in 2024.

Magpie Murders Storyline

The show is essentially a murder mystery, as suggested by the title. It’s a murder mystery within a murder mystery, and just when you think you’ve got it figured out, another piece of the puzzle falls into place. T

Susan Ryeland, an editor, is the protagonist of this series. She is given a torn manuscript that is missing the last chapter. Rye can’t seem to figure out how to finish the manuscript properly. When Rue learns that the writer has gone missing and may have been murdered, she feels compelled to write the perfect finish for the novel.

In the same series, legendary investigator Atticus has been stumped by a string of murders. This is not a straightforward case like the ones he’s used to. The detective and the editor in this case will both be affected by a tale.

Magpie Murders Season 2 Cast

Only Lesley Manville, who played editor-turned-sleuth Susan Ryeland, and Timothy McMullan, who played fictitious detective Atticus Pünd, from Magpie Murders have been confirmed to return for Moonflower Murders. Since the upcoming season will reportedly focus on a different locale and storyline, it’s possible that the rest of the cast may consist of fresh faces.

Other notable actors from the first season who are not returning include Conleth Hill (Game of Thrones), Michael Maloney (Belfast), Alexandros Logothetis (The Island), Claire Rushbrook (Sherwood), Pippa Haywood (Bridgerton), Matthew Beard (Vienna Blood), and Harry Lawtey (Industry).

Here is the cast of Moonflower Murders thus far:

  • Lesley Manville as Susan Ryeland
  • Timothy McMullan as Atticus Pünd

Magpie Murders Season 2 Plotline

The second season of the show would most likely be a continuation of the first, with the same central characters and storyline but a somewhat different emphasis and point of view.

When Alan Conway’s editor Susan Ryeland got the screenplay for his new crime-mystery series, she knew she had a hit on her hands. The first season aired on February 10, 2022. The novel contained in the manuscript was meant to be the last of a set. She reads the book and is shocked to learn that the final chapter, in which the killer is exposed, is missing; she immediately assumes the author of the mystery novel committed suicide, but this turns out to be untrue.

Susan becomes intrigued and sets out to locate the missing chapter; while doing so, she comes to the startling realization that every single narrative Alan has written in his mystery novel was centered on or inspired by some genuine experience and that these episodes and his death may be related. She learns that her boss, Charles Clover, put the missing chapter in a drawer and that Alan wrote his suicide note in Alan’s manuscript.

As a result of this disclosure, Susan’s plans to report Charles to the police are now public knowledge, and Charles has threatened her. In the end, he tries to kill her, and we watch Susan fending against her insane boss, who murdered a guy and his companion to boost the publishing company’s profits. He also makes an attempt to set fire to the manuscript’s final page.

Magpie Murders Season 2 Trailer

This page will be updated as soon as a trailer for Moonflower Murders is made available. You can revisit the Magpie Murders trailer right now.

Where to watch Magpie Murders?

Some viewers might wish to rewatch the first season of “Magpie Murders” to catch up before the second season premieres. Fortunately, there are several locations where you may watch it online.

If you have an Amazon Prime Video account and access to the PBS Masterpiece channel, you can watch “Magpie Murders” in its entirety. The “Magpie Murders” can also be viewed on-demand or through the PBS Video app, both of which are compatible with a wide range of devices.

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