macOS Big Sur 11.4 will add support for more external GPUs on Intel-chip Macs

The developers have already started to find some details in the new beta of macOS Big Sur 11.4 that appeared yesterday afternoon. It seems that this version will allow use external graphics cards with AMD Navi RDNA2 architecture.

These external graphics cards (or eGPUs, remember), are internal graphics cards placed in an external box that works with Macs through a Thunderbolt 3 connection. Thanks to them, a Mac can have additional graphic power beyond what its own integrated GPUs allow, allowing you to play games with higher quality or render content in less time.

More graphics power, but not on the M1 chip

This specific AMD architecture, according to comments from AppleInsider, improves energy efficiency by 65% ​​compared to its predecessor. More performance, less energy consumption. Now: this compatibility with eGPUs It will only be present on Macs with an Intel chip. And in those that have a Thunderbolt 3 port, of course.

In the case of M1-chip Macs we rely entirely on their integrated 7 or 8-core GPU, and it remains to be seen if more professional users will be able to expand the graphics capabilities of those chips externally. If not, Apple is expected to provide new chips with extreme graphics power to convince the professional community.

Blackmagic does not forget the Pro news: its eGPUs are already compatible with the XDR Pro Display

There is no planned release date for macOS Big Sur 11.4, though we can estimate that it will be around June. By the time it arrives we will surely know the news of macOS 12, successor to Big Sur, which will be officially revealed in the WWDC21 keynote on June 7.

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