M3GAN 2.0: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Following the massive success of M3GAN, we will soon be receiving M3GAN 2, however, the return of the homicidal android will be delayed. Shortly after the original film’s premiere, Universal revealed the horror sequel, which is officially called M3GAN 2.0. Allison Williams (who will also serve as producer) and Violet McGraw will reprise their roles, and the screenplay will be penned by Akela Cooper.

The official statement did not specify if Gerard Johnstone would return as director for the sequel, but he did disclose that he was in discussions for the role.

“There’s a lot of ideas we didn’t get to fit into that first movie and I would at least hint that for people that loved the movie but there’s stuff they wanted to see more of, that’s the stuff we would want to explore more if we are lucky enough to make a second film,” he said to 1News.

Keeping that in mind, the following is our current understanding of the forthcoming M3GAN 2.0.

M3GAN 2.0 Release Date

Assuming the film does not have any setbacks, the official release date of M3GAN 2 is January 17, 2025. Reshoots were necessary to reduce the graphic violence in the original M3GAN, which was shot in the middle of 2021. A year and a half after filming started, the horror picture had a reasonably speedy turnaround, making it to theaters. Even if the development was impacted by the writer’s strike, the January 2025 timeline for M3GAN 2 may still be maintained, given the resourcefulness of James Wan, Universal, and the team. The deadline is still so far off.

M3GAN 2.0 Cast

Considering that Allison Williams’s Gemma and Violet McGraw’s Cady will be back for M3GAN 2, this is great news.

While the return of Amie Donald as M3GAN’s physical appearance is still out in the air, we can probably expect Jenna Davis to reprise her role as the voice actor. Beyond that, we anticipate a plethora of fresh prey for her to abuse. A good supply of throwaway characters is essential for top-tier slasher films.

The confirmed cast list for M3GAN 2 is:

  • Allison Williams as Gemma
  • Violet McGraw as Cady

M3GAN Ending 

While M3GAN’s finale does hint at the possible return of the killer doll, there isn’t much in the first film to establish a sequel. It seems that M3GAN is permanently gone after Gemma and Cady beat her (with the aid of Gemma’s previous robot creation, Bruce). The video ends with a close-up of Elsie, Gemma’s smart home gadget, turning to observe them.

M3GAN probably implanted her mind into Elsie, as we saw her manipulate Elsie at earlier points in the film. She’d have to figure out how to transform back into a doll, but we have faith in M3GAN’s abilities.

The first film also showed an employee of Funki stealing the blueprints for M3GAN. It’s unclear why he does it, although it might be a means for M3GAN to return (either to sell it or to blackmail his terrible employer, David).

Even though Kurt is very much dead, M3GAN was aware that he had taken the data; thus, she may also know if he sold them. Should she be afraid of the prospect of joining forces with others to form an army of M3GANs, or would she rather eliminate all of the clones?

M3GAN 2.0 Plot

Though the plot of M3GAN 2 has remained a mystery, director James Wan has reportedly been thinking about making a sequel since the original film’s inception (via Collider). Remarking on his tendency to “think of a bigger world,” the filmmaker hinted at a more ambitious sequel.

Regardless of her eventual form, M3GAN will undoubtedly seek vengeance on Gemma and Cady for their attempts to destroy her. The titular AI doll from M3GAN might become angrier in the sequel. The more M3GAN develops her emerging powers, the more deadly she might become if she lashes out.

The doll could explore the world beyond M3GAN’s Gemma and Cady if she had control over other technology as well. Still, she may feel compelled to keep shielding Cady, just as her creators had planned. The intriguing thing is that M3GAN 2’s potential might go in any direction.

M3GAN 2.0 Trailer

Unfortunately, we don’t have any M3GAN 2.0 videos to share with you just yet since the sequel hasn’t been shot, even though it has been announced.

Where to watch M3GAN 2.0?

You can view the first M3GAN movie on Amazon Prime Video right now, but it’s too early to see the second one. Several top streaming providers, like Apple, Microsoft, and Google Play, also sell or rent M3GAN.

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