Luna Nera Season 2 Expected Release Date: Is It Renewed For Another Season?

Fans all across the world have shown their enthusiasm for Luna Nera, making it one of Netflix’s most popular international original series. The novel Luna Nera: Le Citta Perdue by Tiziana Triana serves as the inspiration for this groundbreaking show. In Black Moon: The Lost Cities, an Italian historical fantasy series, the protagonists are a coven of seventeenth-century witches. The townspeople, who mistake their powers and identity for something else, are a big reason why they try to stay hidden.

The show’s first season finished on a thrilling note. In addition, it left the viewers demanding more of the same. With that, fans are asking if the show will return for a new season or fresh episodes. Read on to learn everything we know about the upcoming second season of Luna Nera.

Luna Nera Season 2 Renewal Status

Netflix hasn’t yet decided to renew Luna Nera for a second season, despite the fact that it has been airing for over two years. On January 31, 2020, the Italian series finally made its way to the streaming service. The show won over viewers despite being made on a tight budget, and they eagerly awaited season 2. The good news is that the streaming service has not decided to cancel the show. Netflix could be spending its time assessing Luna Nera’s effectiveness because of the thousands of shows broadcast on its site every month. The greatest thing for fans to do in the meanwhile is lobby Netflix to make a second season.

Luna Nera Season 2 Release Date

The first season has concluded to rave reviews and overwhelming fan support. The initial January 31, 2020, Netflix release date for Luna Nera. The show is about ancient witches and the methods they used to safeguard their abilities. People’s enthusiasm for the show skyrocketed once it first premiered. Luna Nera, in essence, calls it a “black moon.”

Since there is no confirmation that Luna Nera will return for a fourth season. However, viewers need not be depressed; season 2 is already in the works. However, production needs time to set up for the shot. Season 2 is expected to premiere in the middle of 2022. Only six episodes were produced for Season 1. The season finale was filled with futuristic tension, and the story must go on, but we need a foundation for it. We’ll keep you informed with the latest confirmed comments and data as soon as the series renewal process begins. The upcoming season will debut exclusively on Netflix. If season 2 picks up where season 1 left off,

About Luna Nera 

The name “Luna Nera” means “black moon.” Ade, a high school student, practices witchcraft. The app features a conversation between the protagonist and her sister about his day vacation. Antonia “Nina” Fotanas portrays the main protagonist, Ade. Giade Gagliardi and his sister, Valentin, are musicians. Giorgio Bailey, who has just recently decoded our youthful legend, Nathan Maechoni’s affection and excitement, is honored as Adriano.

This faraway display is rated extremely highly. They have vast appeal and appeal to a wide variety of audiences around the world, all of whom warmly embrace them and show their appreciation and affection. Twitter and other social media platforms have recently discovered a fantastic new user base and hobby for revitalization.

Luna Nera Cast

  • Antonia Fotaras as Ade, a young witch with strong sensing abilities.
  • Giada Gagliardi as Valente, the sick younger brother of Ade who she is left to take care of.
  • Barbara Ronchi as Antalia, the mother of Ade and Valente.
  • Sonia Gessner as Natalia, the grandmother of Ade and Valente.
  • Giorgio Belli as Pietro, a man who returns from college and becomes smitten with Ade.
  • Gloria Carovana as Cesaria, Pietro’s younger adoptive sister who aides their father in witch-hunting.
  • Giandomenico Cupaiuolo as Sante, father of Pietro and Cesaria and leader of a group of witch hunters called the Benandanti, inspired by their historical counterpart.
  • Astrid Meloni as Amelia, Pietro and Cesaria’s sick, bed-ridden mother.
  • Adalgisa Manfrida as Persepolis, a young witch who, after an initial conflict, becomes close friends with Ade.
  • Filippo Scotti as Spirto, an orphan working for Sante’s household, who has a secret relationship with Persepolis.
  • Federica Fracassi as Janara, a tough-as-nails witch who is comfortable with both magic and weapons, inspired by Witches of Benevento
  • Manuela Mandracchia as Tebe, the powerful and strong-willed leader of the witches.
  • Lucrezia Guidone as Leptis, a woman with martial training who is a confidante of the witches and Tebe’s lover.
  • Camille Dugay Comencini as Aquileia, a new witch adept.
  • Martina Limonta as Segesta, a new witch adept.
  • Giulia Alberoni as Petra, a new witch adept.
  • Roberto De Francesco as Marzio Oreggi. a powerful cardinal supporting the witch hunting
  • Paolo Bernardini as Marzio Oreggi during his youth.
  • Gaetano Aronica as padre Tosco, the local priest.
  • Marilena Anniballi as Agnese, a woman who lost a child during birth and accused Natalia (who acted as midwife) of witchcraft.
  • Daniele Amendola as Giambattista, Agnese’s husband.
  • Nathan Macchioni as Adriano.
  • Aliosha Massine as Benedetto.
  • Gianmarco Vettori as Nicola.

Luna Nera Season 2 Expected Plot

The first season concluded with a mind-bending cliffhanger. Ade learns that the witches were wrong and that she is not the chosen one. It comes out that her younger brother is actually her sister. After learning the whole truth about her brother, Ade, desperate and bewildered, gives in to the dark side.

Ade’s younger brother, who has transitioned to the female gender, takes over as coven head. In the event of a second season, we might expect to witness some sibling rivalry. We have faith that Ade will continue to develop in the following episodes and eventually come into her own as a powerful individual. The gateway to the afterlife received substantial attention in the first season. Ade’s ability is still mysterious, but it appears that she can speak to the dead. This suggests that Ade may have a significant part in season 2 in activating the gateway to the afterlife.

Luna Nera Season 2 Trailer

The show’s renewal status is still unknown at this time. Even if the program is given the go-ahead, we won’t get to watch the new official trailer for season 2 of Luna Nera for at least another year. We get that this is a very lengthy explanation. In the meantime, you can check out the trailer for Season 1 to get caught up.

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